Deputy Sports Minister Encourages Dialogue Between FA, Stakeholders


MONROVIA – Deputy Youth and  Sports Minister, G. Andy Quamie has urged the  Liberia Football Association  and stakeholders to use dialogue in order to enhance the development of football in Liberia.

Report By Jaheim T. Tumu  [email protected]

Minister Quamie, who was designated to represent the Confederation of African Football (CAF) at the LFA ‘24 Ordinary Congress’ due to  COVID-19, said significant cooperation between LFA and the stakeholders will protect the football and continue to move the game in the right direction.

 Former executive committee member and current WorldGirls’ president, Rochelle Woodson a strong critic of the LFA  alleged that  LFA’s president Mustapha Raji  is using the local radio stations at his discretion in order to buy public sentiment and push the public against the stakeholders. 

But speaking to delegates,  the former Watanga FC’ president cautioned stakeholders to avoid agitating as his team was once marginalized during  past administration at the LFA.  

In order to assess their level of relative satisfaction, “Mr. President and  members of the executive committee, I hope that you will continue to engage with stakeholders in discussing the way in which football development can be enhance,” Quamie said.

“Football can only be the winner if both stakeholders and those in power can work together. What I have to tell the stakeholders is, take issues to  members of the executive committee and find a workable solution is better than confrontation.”

Minister Quamie warned stakeholders to avoid the media as it could only increase tension amongst them. 

He, however, told the president and members of the executive committee to make themselves available to discuss football matters.

 “Do not allow a few bad people to distract you from succeeding,” Quamie said.