Court Places Injunction on Liberia Football Association’s Election


Monrovia – The runoff election of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) between Presidential candidates Mustapha Raji  and Musa Shannon has been put on hold by the 6th Judicial Civil Law Court of Liberia.

Report by Christopher C. Walker, [email protected]

The injunction was prayed for by another Presidential candidate, Mr. George Solo, who had filed the Writ of Injunction on the process on grounds that Presidential Candidate Mustapha Raji does not possess a college degree, which he alleges is a violation of the election guidelines. However, the LFA Elections Committe had certified Raji to participate in the race.

The court’s decision now means that everything surrounding the run-off process is thus far nullified until the legal proceedings can be done with.

Prior to the injunction, candidate Solo  voted and obtained a total of five votes while Shannon and Raji got 13 and 16 votes respectively out of the 34 votes.

This means that none of the three candidates obtained the required fifty percent plus one vote, which is 17 plus one, to declare that person the winner.  Because of that, the election commission announced a runoff between Raji and second-place winner Shannon.

LFA  Election Committee Chairperson and Co-Chair Sarfuah Gray and Arthur Johnson explained to the delegates  after their break that she had got a writ of injunction from the court, meaning they could not continue the election as she intended to respect the laws.

Cllr. Johnson, who had recieved and signed for the court document on behalf of the committee stated that they are going to respond within three days to the court.

He assured Liberian Football stakeholders to be focused as the Election Committe does its best to reach a logical conclusion of the process.

Before the injunction, BYC president Sekou Konneh was elected Vice President for Administration, while Wilmot Smith ascended to Vice President for Operations. Nine persons were elected to the Executive Committee including Beatrice Kpoto, Pawala Janyan, Quiwu P. Yekeh, Kellie Miller, Joseph Kollie, Kelvin Batoh, Ivan Brown, NYenmah NYanway and Henry Flomo.

Former Mighty Barrolle Team Manager Kerlie Miller and Cllr. Joseph Kollie from the Liberia Football Referees Association got 24 and 21 votes each with journalist Henry Flomo, NPA president Nyemah Nyanway and Tony FC Anthony Deinukar completing the listing. For the record, only Cllr. Kollie retianed his post as EC, an evidence of change sweeping  across Liberian football.

Meanwhile Juliette Seaton won the female representative post on white ballot.

Outgoing LFA President Musa Bility expressed disappointment in Solo taking football matters to the court. He threatened that actions will be taken action against Solo in line with the LFA rules.

“As the rules of football is clear, we will take action in the soonest possible time against whomsoever who has brought this delay to football.”

All efforts to contact George Solo  to speak on the iasue did not materialize as he was nowhere to be seen.
Raji told the media  that the process was fair and is hopeful of winning the race when it re-commences.

Raji, who is LISCR FC’s president, further said he is not troubled by the injunction because he is qualified for the post.

“The stakeholders  have made their decision and we can not change it; we are waiting for the final results. I am qualified and don’t know why people will feel I am not. We are focused and ready to work for football,” Raji stated.

Meanwhile, angry supporters of George Solo were reportedly seen on Saturday evening after the congress, pursuing some stakeholders who they said received “huge cash” from their camp, but never voted for Solo as they expected a win.

Eyewitnesses say a president of one of the female clubs was openly placed on the wall and charged. It is said that some money was taken from him as he and others were branded as being “deceitful” by angry men claiming to be body guards of George Solo.