Football Game Ends in Riot in Nimba Leaving One Dead, Several Wounded, Properties Destroyed

One of the houses that were raised to the grown in Fehnplay New Town

Bahn, Nimba County – What was intended to showcase entertaining football tournament among several towns in District #7, Nimba County turned violent leaving one person dead. Several others were wounded and many properties destroyed in Fehnplay New Town in the district.

The football tournament was organized by Fehnplay “All Stars Citizens” in Fehnplay Old Town in Gbao Clan. It was also intended to raise funds to undertake development.

Eyewitness told our Nimba County Correspondent, who visited Fehnplay Old Town that the precursor to the riot began when Gbao-Gwehlay Town and Fehnplay Old Town were playing.

Fehnplay Old Town scored and Gbao-Gwehlay rejected the goal. The ensuing arguments disrupted the match from further going ahead between the teams of both towns.

Since they had played in Fehnplay New Town, Gbao-Gwehlay’s supporters and players had to go back to their town but had to cross the Gweh River that divides both towns.

While in en-route back to their town, a 22-year-old man, Prince Monbiah Beah, got drown in the river and it was blamed on three Fehnplay male residents, who allegedly used their machetes to cut a rope that guided the canoe over the river to safety.

Prince was a spectator who had gone to watch the game.

When the reports of the drowning and circumstances surrounding it reached Gbao-Gwehlay, residents of that town didn’t waste any time but rushed to avenge the death of Beah on Fehnplay residents.

At least seven houses were raised to the ground and five persons were seriously wounded.

The lifeless body of Beah is yet to be retrieved from the river.

46-year-old Matthew Dahn of Gbao-Gwehlay got wounded severely on his head and had to be rushed to the Bahn Health Center, where he is presently undergoing treatment.

Police in Bahn City have arrested several persons from both towns. The ugly incident brings to three violent situations which have erupted as a result of unsettled dispute from football games.