Breach of the LBA Constitution, Basketball Association’s Plan to Include 3rd Division Teams in Big 6 Competition


Monrovia – Investigation conducted by this newspaper has shown that the administration of Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) is planning to allegedly breach the constitution of the LBA and the national league.

During this newspaper’s investigation, it was found out that Article II Section 1 of the basketball association’s statutes will be violated if 3rd division teams are included in the “big six” of the national league.

Article II Section I of the LBA constitution states: “The LBA shall cater to teams in four divisions: premier, first, second and female divisions and that all teams in each division would ensure their full participation in all LBA activities.”

The constitution clearly did not mention third division team.

But LBA president Rufus Anderson on Tuesday, August 5, told FrontPageAfrica’s News Desk, that 3rd Division teams participating in the ongoing league, are included in the big six competition in their own division for promotion to the second division.

The LBA boss added that the lower division teams have the right to participate in the competition but our investigation shows that the LBA leadership’s plan to include the 3rd Division teams in its big six competition is against the Association’s constitution.

The basketball house’s constitution   does not give the leadership authority to include 3rd Division teams in the association’s big six competitions because third division teams are community-based teams.

Teams from the 3rd Division have been promoted to the 2nd Division without playing in a big six competition but rather qualify on the position in the league.

One may now wonder while the LBA wants to include 3rd Division teams in the big six without the input of stakeholders, who are unhappy with the decision. 

Prior to Anderson’s ascendency at the LBA, the league usually kicked off from November of every year and took a break in December for the National County Sports Meet. It resumed in January and ends in early February but the current administration has failed to continue the league in the same time line which has caused the league to delay to end due to the Rainy Season as the playing venue, the Sports Commission is uncovered.

The LBA president Anderson on Tuesday, August 5, told FrontPageAfrica that his association’s officials are expected to meet very soon to discuss about the league’s big six competition.