Liberia: “LBA Must Take Preventative Measures” – Flames President


Monrovia – The president of Flames Basketball side Calvin Diggs is calling on the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) to take preventative measures to stop spectators from disrupting games at the Sports Commission on Broad Street.

Calvin Diggs in an exclusive interview with FrontPage Africa pointed out that his call is as the result of the recent disruption of Mighty Barrolle and NPA Pythons match by spectators on Sunday, April 4, 2021 soothing he said should not be repeated.

“I think is very important that the current LBA administration under Abraham Samukai now send a strong message to spectators who are always in the habit of disrupting games and carry on complete investigation about what disrupted Barrolle and Pythons game on Sunday so that they will be able to take proper action against those that were involved in such ugly act,” Diggs said.

 He is, meanwhile, urging the LBA to carry on more training for referees alleging that most of the disruptions carried on by spectators doing game time are caused by some decisions made by referees.

Calvin, whose team is not participating in the ongoing league, wants the LBA to increase the number of securities doing games.

 “This time around the LBA must now send out a strong message to its registered teams and they have to sit down with the referees so that they will be able to show them some of the mistakes made by them while officiating games and to also organize training exercises for them before the end of the ongoing national league and they must do all they can to have security forces at the Sports Commission doing games or else the disruption might continue,” Calvin told our reporter.