Liberian Athlete Envisages Improvement of Sports in Weah’s Leadership


Monrovia – Liberian international track athlete based in the United States Bill Roger says the presidency of George Weah will “create lots of opportunities for young people who are mostly engaged with sport in the country.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh- [email protected] 

Speaking to reporters upon his arrival from the United States of America at the Robert International Airport, Rogers congratulated President Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor on their election victory, adding that he missed the inauguration due to late flight.

According to the Liberian international runner, sport has the power to unite people and says Liberia is no exception.

“George Weah being a sport man has set another record for the World, it is a historical movement and the World is watching him.”

“And so, I see sport as one of the biggest proprieties in this country that will open and create the chances for lots of young people in the country,” Rogers said.

“We can use sport to bring in lots of incomes in this country.”

“He is the first sport person to become a president of a country. So, it is a history; the World is watching, and I know that he will utilize it to the best of his ability.”

“As a sport man I have used the name (Weah) in other parts of the World and people had honored me through this man.”

“So, I think Liberia has a very big face in the World because he is a sport icon and that will make young people to go the higher height”, he said.

“The young people make him (Weah) to be where he is today, and I am happy to come down to Liberia to congratulate and appreciate the young people.”

As Liberia’s most influential athlete based in the United States, Rogers is the founder of the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF), an organization that has managed to break ground on a 20 acre of land in the Konoquelleh clan, Cinta Township, Margibi County the construction of a multi-purpose sports centre for young children in the country.

Rogers, who returns to the country after six months, is optimistic to see that Liberia reclaims its post-war status.

He, however, praised Liberians most especially the young people for conducting themselves during and after the recent election.

While in the country last year, Rogers was able to organize a five kilometer peace run and fun walk on the 25 of July.

The five kilometer peace run and fun walk highlighted the effect of depression on young people and the promotion of peace and tranquility for a peaceful election.