Liberia Handball Association President Rejects Expulsion


Monrovia – The embattled President of the Liberia Handball Association, Mason Saweler, has termed his expulsion from the association by the executive Committee as “unlawful and null void”.

Report by Macaulay Sombai,

On February 24, 2018 a group of stakeholders calling themselves majority members of the Executive Committee of the association (LNHA) expelled Saweler for alleged   financial and procedural mismanagement. 

But speaking to FrontPageAfrica, Sawelar said even Liberia’s Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Andy Quamie also sees his explosion as “null void” and promised to meet all parties concern. 

“We went to Minister Quamie today he repeated the same thing to them that the action they took was null void because no official from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) and even I who they expelled were present, so the action taken by them was unlawful,” he said.

“Deputy Minister Quamie said I should sit with them to talk so that we can have dialogue because he does not want the misunderstanding that happened between us in the past and present to be repeated so that we will be able to work together.” 

“In the present of Minister Quamie, I asked them what really do they want because the first time we have the meeting, I thought they would have come up with problems that the association is currently face with but instead they emphasized that they need to be given positions like secretary general, Vice President in the association but I again made it clear to them that those positions are elected positions so if they want any of those positions they have to wait until October of this year at which time the association will have election and they will be given the chance to run for any position of their choices,” he said. 

In a press release issued by the aggrieved members of the association, they accused Mr. Saweler of failing to account for US$1,100 given to the association by the Government of Liberia and his refusal to produce a financial report for the past 15 years. 

The aggrieved members of the LNHA also alleged that the association does not have headquarters since 2013 and that the “office is run in the President’s handbag”. 

They accused the President of failing to encourage the formation of handball clubs and have fallen short of regularly organizing national league for the promotion of the game in the country.