Akeem Smith Liberian Footballer Join Fight Against Coronavirus With Donations


MONROVIA – Many Liberian footballers have been contributing to the fight against COVID-19. Some sending awareness messages on Facebook while other making food donations to the needy.

Akeem Prince Smith, an uncapped Liberian Striker on trail in Egypt, is the latest to extend alms to his compatriots back home.

The striker, who has played in Sweden and the United States of America, donated 30 bags of rice to old folks, people living with disabilities and orphans in Du Port Road and Jallah Town communities.

Smith launched a fundraiser to help babies, children, older people, which he names  “Together, we can help fight the COVID-19 Pandemic for Liberian Families”!

“During a time when the entire world has come to a rushing halt due to the Coronavirus, we find ourselves faced with two options: see the glass as half empty, accepting a feeling of hopelessness with every news brief, death tolls and an increase in the number of those infected. Or we can see the glass as half full and know that we have the power to positively impact the situation, even if only in a small way,” he said.

“I need your help! Our friends & loved ones in Liberia are in serious need of food & supplies as the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shut down businesses and cause job loss and health issues.”

Given the timely urgency of this pandemic, he raised $1200 to send food supplies back home.

In a video posted by Akeem to social media, he said his desire is to help because of the living condition of Liberians back home.

“I had a long dream of helping people back home because I went to Liberia and saw the situation,” said Smith, who played for Liberia’s Under-20 three years ago. He recalled how he saw the struggle Liberians go through to get food, cloth and other essential things, something he said moved him to launch a fundraiser   to help Liberians.

“Where I am , where I stand  right now I might not be where I want to be in my  career and mighty not be making a lot of money but I think a little of what I makes can help, I just want to give back a little  we have it will help a lot of young people back home,” he said.

“My sisters, my brothers, I ask you to take the matter very seriously. We tend to be too light about our reactions to the situation,” Smith cautioned Liberians.

“It [COVID-19] knows neither race, religion nor political parties. It kills the rich and the poor. Even in countries where research is done well, the consequences are disastrous. Unpredictable.”

Making the donation on his behalf, Alfred Smith clarified that rice is not from a politician.

Receiving the donation, oldman Harris Boe said the rice came at the right time because they are finding it difficult to get food during the lockdown.

“We that are here are hungry we can’t get food, since this sickness entered this country, we have not been given food by the Representative or Senators,” he said.

“I like to take this time to tell the boy who sent this rice thank you for remembering the disable and old people in our community, these are some of things our representatives  should be doing for us for  a little boy from Europe  to remember the old people let God be with him,” he said.