A ‘Political Decision’: Youth & Sports Minister Describes CAF Ban on SKD Stadium


MONROVIA – The Minister of Youth & Sports, Zeogar Wilson has termed the ban on the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex as a ‘political decision’ taken by the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

Min. Wilson’s description of the ban comes after the decision which barred Liberia from playing her remaining two home games in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers on home soil was recently reversed by CAF to all LPRC Oilers to use the stadium for their home matches in the CAF Tournament.

LPRC Oilers will be playing against Orland Pirates on November 28, 2021 in the CAF Tournament.

Minister Wilson wondered which measure and or criteria was used by CAF to rclear the banned stadium for LPRC.

“This is sad and unfortunate he told University of Liberia Fendell campus students following concerns and barrage of questions relative to the reason why the SKD was banned but is now playable according to CAF.

He said after discussions with CAF, they all agreed that due to the time factor that the artificial turf and bucket seats could not be possible but it was shocking to him for CAF to take such a decision.

He at the same time pointed out that there were some interventions made at the SKD by the government during said period which may not be visible to the spectators including the addition of medical room, media Center , dressing room for both teams with five commode and showers unlike the previous two, media tribune, match commissioner room and anti doping center among others.

According to him, Liberia was not the only country whose stadium was banned by CAF rather about 36 others including Senegal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, among others.

He said those countries stadiums were built in the 80s including Liberia and can’t meet the present day standards.

However, the Youth and Sports Minister stressed that the story of ban story will soon be of the past.

He assured Liberians that in 2022 the SKD will be renovated including the construction of an artificial turf to give it a new, modern and international face unlike before.

According to him the 2022 budget of the Ministry has captured one million seven hundred and fifty thousand United States Dollars to ensure the execution of said task beginning 2022 which upon full completion will laid to rest said issue.