Grand Mufti Congratulates Muslims for Praying for Liberia

Grand Mufti and Chief Imam, Abubakar Sumaworo

Monrovia – Liberia’s Grand Mufti and Chief Imam, Abubakar Sumaworo has applauded Muslims in Liberia for being committed and for praying for the country during the entire fast month.

Sheik Sumaworo said Liberia is the only denominator for all Liberians and everyone’s collective efforts are needed to move the country forward. The Chief Imam noted that the Muslim Community stands ready to promote peace and togetherness.

He applauded Muslims in Liberia for their continued support and prayer to the peace process of the country.

He called on all Muslims the world over to observe social distancing and other health protocols being put in place by the governments in order to stop the transmission of the Coronavirus disease.

Imam Sumaworo said though it was a challenge for Muslims to fast while there is a health crisis, he added, “In the midst of the pandemic, Muslims all around the world mustered the courage and were committed in their prayers. We are glad that fast month has ended in peace.”

He continued, “It was not easy but you stood and showed your commitment to the process. Your prayers for our beloved country Liberia and the peace are commendable. We thank all of the philanthropists who provided their support during the period of fasting.”

The Grand Mufti specifically pointed a segment of the Muslim Community— Mandingo Muslims—who he praised for giving one of the ‘biggest contributions during the month. He added, “We are glad that we all stood together.”

“In the main time, we will like to extend our congratulations to all the Muslims of the world and the Muslims of Liberia in particular for their courage and commitment as well,” he said.

He thanked President George Weah for providing security for all Muslims during the period of the fast.

“We salute our President and send our gratitude to him for his solidarity, sympathy and his feelings he has for the Muslims. At the beginning of the Ramadan, he isolated everybody to be safe from the hands of this deadly Coronavirus.” Grand Mufti Sumaworo praised President Weah for not discriminating among religions in the country.