Senator George Weah ‘They Told You Lies At The Debate’


Monrovia – Senator George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) after missing out on Thursday’s presidential debate for unexplained reasons Friday told his supporters that his opponents who attended the debate proffered nothing but lies to their audience.

Report by Lennart Dodoo – [email protected]

“I came in last night [Friday morning] by 12:AM and I heard my opponents deliberated issues at the debate. But I want to say this, no one at that debate said the truth, and I can defend it,” he said.

Weah made the assertion at his party headquarters in Congo Town where he presented Ivorian musical icon, Maiway, who along with other international comedians are expected to grace the launch of his election campaign on Saturday.

Sen. Weah continued in his speech, “I know you’re concerned but, but let me tell you, don’t be misled when people come to you and tell you that you should vote for them because they managed $80 million budget for or a billion dollar company.

Those things do not work in our society. Managing US$80 million budget does not does not put food on the Liberian people’s table,” the presidential candidate said.

It is not clear who Sen. Weah referring to, but many believe he was indirectly referencing Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) who many believe performed exceptionally well at the debate.

Prior to entering Liberian politics, Cummings served as Chief Administrative Officer of Coca-Cola Bottling Company at its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sen. Weah: “You managed $80 million budget, but it did not transform the lives of ordinary Liberians. If I managed million dollar budget elsewhere and did not come to my country to help my people go to school, to help pay hospital bills, it’s of no use.”

Political pundits say Weah failed to attend the debate because he lacks the intellectual ability to articulate the various topics which were stated in the invitation letter to the debate.

But Senator Weah says he would, perhaps, be at the next debate.

The debate bordered around six key areas: the economy; security and rule of law; peace and reconciliation; anti-corruption policy; agriculture; and youth empowerment.