U.S. Envoy Addresses Debate Over Stance on Liberia’s Elections Impasse


Monrovia – The US Embassy near Monrovia has described reactions to its statement about the October 10 presidential and general elections in Liberia as healthy, and demonstrates how Liberians have advanced in understanding their rights in a democracy.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

The US embassy’s response comes in a wake of a FrontPageAfrica inquiry asking the Embassy to in the wake of mixed reactions that continue to trail a statement issued by the US embassy on Wednesday.

The United States embassy Wednesday said it had not seen no sign of manipulation in last month’s election in Liberia, amid allegations of irregularities and fraud that have stalled a run-off poll.

“No accredited Liberian, regional, or international observation group suggested that the cumulative anomalies observed reflect systemic issues sufficient to undermine the fundamental integrity of the electoral process,” the U.S. embassy said in a statement.

In response to FPA inquiry, the US embassy said the freedom to express opinions – on any side of an issue – and a free press is central to democracy.

Continuing, the embassy said: “Liberia asked the international community to send top-tier Election Observation Monitors, and they were in every county on Election Day.

 The embassy said this is a suitable time to review their findings and recommendations from the first round. If not now, when would such information be more relevant? The United States holds the institutions, constitution, and sovereignty of Liberia in the highest esteem.

 The embassy it also respects the rights of her citizens to avail themselves of the avenues those institutions offer.

“We have confidence that Liberia’s institutions and those who uphold them will work through those processes and ensure a way forward in harmony with the Constitution and the will of the people.”