Urey Accuses President Sirleaf of Destroying Liberia at Boakai’s Endorsement


Monrovia – What has appeared to be an ‘open secret’ was made even more clearer on Wednesday, December 20, when the authorities of the All Liberian Party (ALP) officially endorsed the runoff presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Boakai at its national headquarters in Monrovia.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh – [email protected]

“This woman continues to destroy us as a people,” he scorned.

Senior executives of the party had been announcing few days ahead of Wednesday, December 20, that they would do this validation of the VP presidential bid.

However, the program took another twist, when to the surprise of many including Vice President Boakai, the ALP political leader, Benoni Urey launched a scathing attack on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who is Standard Bearer Emeritus of UP.

Mr. Urey accused her of being Liberia’s problems for the last 40 years.

He among several things accused the President of being the mastermind of Liberia civil conflicts that led to the deaths of thousands of lives and destruction of properties worth millions of dollars.

“I am also here today feeling as if I have won this election.”

“The fact that I can stand here to watch my country endorsing Joseph Nyuma Boakai, I feel we, the All Liberian Party, have won.”

“I want you all to be convinced of one thing that we fought a good fight. Our problems in this country is one person; one woman in this country that has stagnated us as a people for 40 years.”

“The International community invested millions of dollars in these elections, and she changed it from an election to a selection.”

“When she took who she wanted and instructed her cronies Jerome Korkoya and others at the National Elections Commission (NEC) to give them the numbers she wanted them to give.”

“This woman continues to destroy us as a people,” he scorned.

Acknowledging that Vice President Boakai was not in support of his invectives towards the President, Mr. Urey alleged that President Sirleaf is supporting Senator George Weah in order to plunge the country into chaos after her tenure expires.

He asserted that it was ironical for the President to be supporting Senator George Weah Presidential bid after the President sacked him (Urey) as Major of Careysburg and placed hefty fines on his businesses all because he supported Senator Weah in 2011.

“Today I see her supporting George Weah. A few years ago, when I Benoni Urey got under the sun in solidarity with my little brother George Weah, I was Mayor of Careysburg, she fired me.”

“And she instructed her cronies to levy fines on all my businesses. She tried to destroy me because I supported George Weah. And today it’s painful to see this same woman misleading George Weah.”

“I know the Vice President will not be happy with me but I am speaking my mind. Enough is enough. I don’t know about you. “

“But I can tell you how many relatives I have lost because of this one person. I can tell you how many wars came into this country because of this one person.”

“Now she wants to control our country again. But God will never let it happen. The value system of our country has come under attack,” Urey avowed.

He called on his partisans to turn out in their number to vote for the Vice President “if runoff is held on Tuesday, December 26, because he is the best alternative that can lead Liberia in the right trajectory.”

Meanwhile, reading the party’s official endorsement statement, ALP National Chairman, Mr. Theodore Momo, Jr., stated that the Liberian people are presented with a peculiar situation of leadership in this second round and as such it has elected to put Liberia first above any proclivity by endorsing Vice President Boakai.

“Our decision to participate in this second round is also motivated by a deep sober reflection of our country’s forward movement, peace and stability, better leadership and governance, reconciliation, job creation and empowerment among others.”

“Within this context, the ALP has elected to put Liberia first over and above any personal proclivity. We are of the strongest conviction that under a sound and progressive leadership, Liberia can become better and an enabling environment for growth and self- actualization where possibilities and upward mobility will permeate the new culture for our children.”

“Now, therefore the All Liberian Party does not hesitate to identify this esteemed and qualified son of the soil, Joseph Boakai will, by the grace of God, bring succor to the affliction of our people.”

“In this regard, the All Liberian Party today December 20, 2017 is pleased to endorse Vice President Joseph Boakai for the Presidency of the Republic of Liberia.”

In his acceptance remarks, the Unity Party Standard Bearer thanked Mr. Urey and the ALP and called on all Liberians to make the right choice in the pending election, warning that any mistake made will lead to devastating consequences.

“I say to the young people, don’t be carried away.”

“In this country, if we make a mistake this time all of us will live it. Even those people who are at the Elections Commission, who may choose to do otherwise.”

“We will all live here; and at that time they should be able to reap what they want to see happen,” the Vice President noted.

Veep Boakai pledged to reconcile the country and move it forward if elected.