South African Ambassador Supports Secular State For Liberia


Monrovia – The Ambassador of South Africa accredited to Liberia, Ambassador VP Moodley Vanapolan Punjanathan has announced his support for secular in Liberia as the controversy to make Liberia a Christian nation continues.

The South African envoy explained that his call for Liberia to remain a secular state doesn’t in anyway mean that he’s interfering in the Liberian local politics. He calls an environment in Liberia that will allow people to be free worship the way he or she wants to worship.

Speaking further, Ambassador VP Moodley said his country, being a secular state by constitution, welcomes the decision by the Liberia Christian Council (LCC) to denounce the Christian State Preposition listed for the much publicized constitutional referendum.

The South African Envoy says his views are in no way an interference into the body politics of Liberia, but said people will continue to live in peace and harmony when they feel comfortable in practicing their religions.

“For us, our constitution provides that people should feel comfortable to practice their religious belief and style without any form of marginalization,” he said.

“In a Christian state, there is a significant part of the state that will be left out, because they are not practicing their religion or culture,” Amb. VP Moodley added. He has recounted many achievements by his country since it held its first democratic elections in 1994.

On May 31, 1910, South Africa declared independence from Britain. But the country celebrates April 27, the day in 1994 when the first democratic, non-racial elections were held. On this day, South Africans commemorate the restoration of dignity and human rights after a period of racism and apartheid.

Addressing a news conference held at the South African Embassy in Congo Town, outside Monrovia, Ambassador VP Moodley Vanapolan Punjanathan, named the provision of good healthcare delivery system, education, water and sanitation as some of the many gains made by the country since it gained democratic freedom 22 years ago.

He said about 75% of South Africans now have access to portable supply on a free of charge basis, and the government at the same time has provided over four million housing facility and space for low income earners.

“We have constructed or undertaken substantial infrastructural development. This put us on the good platform of economic development, and not to be dependent solely on imports. We are one of the best investors in the international world,” said the South African Diplomat.

According to him, the reason for sharing the South Africa’s experience was meant for country such as Liberia and others, who helped South Africa during its days of struggle to learn some lessons and move forward.

Edwin G. Genoway, jr (231886458910)[email protected]