Senators Not Off Corruption Hook – Committee Recommends Suspension


Monrovia – Contrary to statement from the Senate last week that there was no fraud in the handling of the Senate’s special sitting benefits as was reported legislature press bureau, documents in the possession of FrontPageAfrica shows that the committee set up to investigate the saga recommended suspension for Senators who were involved in handling the money.

Report by Henry Karmo – [email protected] 

The document also states that Senators were informed that only 50% of their salary would be available for the special sitting contrary to the 100% information.

It was later reviled that the amount available was 50% which was US$210k and additional US$210K would have been made available to complete full payment.

The report stated: “Based on the non-compliance which led to apparent integrity issues, we hereby recommend that those involved should be suspended for a period of six months. With reference to the amount outstanding, we strongly recommend that the remaining payment should be made to every Senator in equity (retroactive) as the amount was.”

The leaked document in the possession of FrontPageAfraica shows that some Senators felt disrespected by the manner and form their extra sitting benefits were paid. The amount was disbursed discriminatively, they believe.

The money was disbursed by various categories of Senators.

Senators in the higher categories got more than those in the lower categories, when all senators should have been compensated equally, the report said.

The document also shows that the President Pro-Tempore informed the Senate that he was consulted on how the money should be disbursed.

The document also stated that Senators were informed that only 50% of their salary would have been available for the special sitting contrary to the 100% information that was actually available.

The committee in its report also recommended that all financial transactions at the Liberian Senate should be conducted through the financial system.

A statement issued by the Senate Press Bureau a fortnight ago indicated that there hasn’t been any act of corruption by any Senator or group of Senators as it was reported in the media over the past days.

Initially, Senators Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, Edward B. Dagoseh and Peter Coleman were accused by their colleagues of failing to account for over US$300,000 which was intended to pay Senators and their staffs.

The Senate immediately setup an investigative committee to probe the three Senators over the alleged embezzlement.

It is not yet clear whether the committee’s recommendation would be implemented or not. But the Legislature press bureau, despite the committee’s report, had announced that the Senate did not detect any fraud.