Rep. Thomas Fallah Cautions Politicians to Put Liberia First


Monrovia – Montserrado County District #5 Representative, Thomas P. Fallah, has called on politicians to put Liberia first in their political endeavor as the country gears toward general and presidential elections in 2017.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh – [email protected]

In an interview with FrontPage Africa, Representative Fallah said even though there would be disagreement on major political issues, Liberia should be the foremost priority of every politician.

“Moving into 2017 politically, it is our ardent hope that we, as political leaders in our country, will not allow our self greed or interest to bring our nation back in those dark days.

In as much as we will default and disagree on major political issues, because we all have interest politically, one thing I would like to caution all of us as politicians is that, Liberia is the only country we have and nowhere else like this country.

This is where we belong, so we are under obligation to protect the peace and stability of our country,” he said.

The Montserrado County lawmaker said 2017 is a year of political tension and as such, Liberian should remain peaceful as they go about electing their political leaders.

“We have peacefully landed in what we called a tension part of our political year in our country, where we are going to see after many years of our country existence.

Where we will witness a true transition where a  sitting democratic elected leadership of our nation will be turning over state power or authority to the next waiting government; so it is  our hope that we as Liberian demonstrate love and patrioticism  as we go about the electoral process” the lawmaker asserted.

He added that the certification of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is the beginning of a thousand miles journey ahead of the elections in October to liberate Liberians from poverty, corruption and the many suffering brought by the UP-led government.

“Now that we have been certificated, it is our responsibilities to put on our footwear and go into the churches, villages, towns, cities and counties to be able to carry a message of hope, because we believe that hope is still alive, and this is our theme.

To our citizens who believe that hope is lost, hope is not lost. We believe that the coalition will serve as a vast stone of hope, will serve as a driving force in reassuring and reawaking the spirit.

He urged partisans of the CDC to demonstrate a true sense of loyalty to their country as we move to the general elections.

“The CDC stands not only for providing state power, but believes that the peace and stability of our country rest on us.

There are other major political actors who felt disenchanted due to their own conviction that they were marginalized or cheated during the election period and took different radical approach.

Some chose to go the bushes, go back to the Diaspora to formulate things that brought us down and brought our country down, but the CDC did not one day thread in that path in all of our disagreement and dissatisfaction,” he added.