Prosecution For Corruption Officials Under Cummings Regime


Monrovia – Liberia is less than 130 days away from its election, and there are over 23 political parties vying to lead the country after its first female President.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo, [email protected]

Among the Presidential aspirants, is the former Coco-Cola executive Alexander B. Cummings who is currently the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC).

Mr. Cummings in an interview on the Liberia Broadcasting System Bumper show promised to collaborate with Liberians to minimize the challenges in the country.

He spoke on several issues ranging from the economy, corruption and building the country’s infrastructures and sectors.

Cummings said as an executive of Coco-Cola he has provided several jobs and is prepared to manage the budget that the country has.

He says all those involved in corruption webs will be prosecuted no matter their status.

“We will make sure that we will prosecute people who steal and put them in jail. We have to look at processes and deal with corruption. If your family member kills someone he has to be punished and bear the consequences,” Cummings.

He promised not to take salary but to contribute his allocated salary to the fighting corruption.

“Whatever the salary is I won’t take salary and will allocate it against the fight of corruption and we have to support the anti-graft bodies,” he said.

Cummings added, “The economy, I am one person who has worked in multiple countries and managed large amounts above the country’s budget.”

“I have created jobs and I can do it again as per my track records, these are the skills we need. Also we need consequences for actions and we collectively can make the change, said Cummings.

Cummings says, “We all have to do it and I want to be the example that reconciles us.”

On recession, the ANC leader said the world is coming out of recession and Liberia can improve.

“Anything we need to do I mean all of us who are aspiring for this job will speak about infrastructure, we have to get more revenue from our concessions, we need to get more value. Today we don’t have the full value from our resources,” said Cummings.

He said if elected President the amount spent on travel, vehicles should be cut down so as to improve the country in the health sector.

On the education and social services, Cummings said Liberians must make the sacrifices so as to change the country, “We have to make choices on the important issues.”

“We must prioritize infrastructure and we need to find investors and we can get people who will take the long term perspective, in all of the sectors we must make choices,” said Cummings.

On the Liberianization policy, the ANC political leader said the first 100 days plan he will open the door for businesses adding that lip service can’t be paid.

“We have to look at whether Liberian businesses have the taxes and regulations. We will introduce Liberians to international suppliers to own and expand their businesses,” he said.

“We can’t be superficial and we must commit to the Liberian businesses. We have to get to the details. We should studying the history sector to improve the country’s growth.”

Cummings says he can’t promise change overnight but collective work will make a change.

He says investing in agriculture and rejuvenating the farmers market will attract revenue to the economy.

“We have to look at the forestry sector and that is a source of revenue and by that Liberians will begin to prosper and that will reduce the corruption.”

“I have been inspired by the Liberian people, they are optimistic about their future and I know we can change because of the people, I know Liberian can do well in all sectors and they can change it, they want change and my job is to help people understand what I can do for the country.

He says he believes that the pending October’s election will be peaceful and is ready to accept any results from the elections’ commission.