Liberia: Pres. Weah Warns Govt Officials to Desist from Speaking on Behalf of Political Party


Monrovia – President George Weah has sent out a warning to all officials of government to refrain from serving as spokespersons for the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Addressing a regular presidential update Tuesday, August 6, 2019, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby told reporters that the CDC is an established and a recognized political body that has a  structure and responsible team and should at all times be under obligation to speak for the Party and not any official of government.

The warning comes less than a week after the youth league chair of the CDC Jefferson Koijee who is also the mayor of the City of Monrovia threatened that the CDC will counter protest anyone who will protest against the government, something Toby said   President Weah feel is unacceptable.

According to Smith, President Weah will suspend or dismiss any of his official who will undermine the peace of his government through their respective utterances.

“My government will not tolerate counter-protest, my government will not support unrecognized spokesperson of the CDC including acts that will undermine the peace of the Country,” Smith added.

 At the same time, he noted that President Weah has condemned in the strongest terms the recent political violence in Congo Town which led to the attacks on Deputy Police Director for Operations, Marvin Sackor.

He said President Weah is a President of all Liberians and would do all he can to protect the rights of all Liberians including protecting the peace of the land.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Press Secretary has clarified that the government has no plans for any reshuffle in government due to the just ended by-election as alleged by some Liberians in the public.

Smith told Executive Mansion reporters that the President is more concerned about transforming the lives of his people, the bread and butter issues as well as building the infrastructure of the nation.

Currently, he noted that discussions are in the making to help address the hike in the prices of the nation’s staple food – rice – and other key commodities.

He said the President is working tirelessly to gradually address the current hardship facing the nation and its people.