Party of All – CDC Partisans Declare Party Weah’s Ark


Monrovia – Partisans of the main opposition political party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), say they are proud of the party to be called ‘Weah Ark’, meaning it consists of different kinds of people like the biblical story of Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark is the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative of the Holy Bible in which God spared Noah, his family, and remnants of the world’s animals from the flood.

According to the Bible, God gave Noah instructions for building the ark. Seven days before the deluge, God told Noah to enter the ark with his household and the animals.

The story goes on to describe the ark of being afloat throughout the flood and subsequent receding of the waters before it came to rest on the Mountains of Ararat. The CDCians said the story of Noah’s Ark is akin to the CDC which boasts of members from all walks of life.

The CDCians argued that the CDC contains poor, rich, street or gangsters, doctors, shoe-shine boys, wheelbarrow boys, people who are aggrieved and disappointed. According to CDCians, they are looking up to Senator Weah to bring hope to Liberians.

During the CDC Blue Day Parade in Monrovia, many CDCians said their political leader is prepared to bring all Liberians together as Noah did with the animals.

“We agree that the CDC is an ark, and it’s called Weah’s Ark. In the CDC, we have all kinds of people, including wheel barrow boys, shoe shine boys among others,” said a CDCian who waited for hours for Ambassador Weah to arrive.

The CDCian said a CDC led government will be supportive to a strong export sector that will encourage products made in Liberia to be exported before the end of the government’s first term after the 2017 elections.

The CDCian told the FPA that it is very shameful that Liberia, which had the second highest GDP in the world next to Japan in 1966, continues to be mired in the quagmire of growth without development.

On the issue of being violent during CDC gathering in the past, some CDCians said they are not violent people, saying it is the public that always paint them ugly. According to them, the Liberia National Police also play a major role sparking violence in the CDC.

“We are always peaceful, but the public always paint us black out there like we are rude and violent people. We normally gathered at our party headquarters peacefully until the Police come to redirect our movement.

In doing that, the Police beat on our people and we can’t sit there and be harmed, that’s what normally bring the problem,” Alfred Boyee, a CDCian noted.

The CDC Thursday stormed Monrovia with a peaceful march to their party headquarters where the party’s political leader, Senator George Weah, declared his intention to contest the Liberian presidency.

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