Nimbaians in Diaspora Recommend Voffee Jabateh as VP to Boakai


Diasporas – As the 2017 Presidential and A prominent son of Nimba, Voffee Saye Jabateh has been recommended by citizens of the country in the Diaspora to be the vice presidential running mate of Presidential Candidate Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

An eight-member delegation met with Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC to present a petition in which they recommend for consideration one of Nimba County prominent sons, Mr. Voffee Saye Jabateh for a possible Vice Presidential running-mate in the upcoming presidential and general elections in Liberia.

Mr. Voffee Saye Jabateh is presently the Chief Executive Officer of the African Cultural Alliance of North America, ACANA, and a Non-Profit Organization based in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Voffee Jabateh conceived the ACANA vision during the awkward days of Liberia Civil War.

The eight-member delegation was headed by Hon: Andrew Wongeh, former president of United Nimba Citizens’ Council Organization (UNICCO) based in the United States of America. Hon: Andrew Wongeh presented the petition/recommendation on behalf of the delegations to the Honorable Vice President Joseph Boakai.

The petition /recommendation was read by Mr. Musa V. Trawally, which read “We request that you kindly accept on behalf of the citizens of Nimba County and other prominent Liberians, residing here in the United States of America, and in the Republic of Liberia, to recommend to you our son, Mr. Voffee Saye Jabateh, who was born in Kpain Town, Nimba County, for a possible vice presidential running-mate in the upcoming presidential and general elections”.

Other members of the delegation included: Abubakar Sheriff, of Bong County, Mr. Moivabah Fofana, of Lofa County, Madam Aletha Finnah, former City Mayor of Sanniquellie, Nimba County, Pastor Rite Gborplay of Nimba County, Mr. Mamadi Kormah, of Nimba County, Mr. Musa Trawally of Lofa County and Mr. Voffee Saye Jabateh who hails from Kpain Town, Nimba County.

For Sheikh Abubakar Sheriff, the second man in commend of the delegations, reminded the audience about VP Boakai’s public service to the Liberian People in the motherland.

He lauded that VP Boakai has always been call to serve his people and for since he got to know the Liberian vice Boakai. He in the public service of record of VP Boakai, he has never been zealous for power or positions; instead he is usually called to duty to serve his people.

The Sheikh attributes similar characteristic of Mr. Voffee Jabateh. He recounted that Voffee as he is affectionately called has never been avaricious of power but, instead he is always called to serve his people.

As the 2017 Liberian presidential elections near, key alliances based on based on competency and the country’s demographics are important elements in ensuring a win for the Unity Party.

Nimba County continues to be an important demographic constituency in the country’s political system. The citizens of Nimba belive their choice of Voffee Saye Jabateh, a prominent son of Nimba will add value to the Boakai ticket and advance the interest of Liberia.