Nimba Gravitates to General Change in County Leadership


MONROVIA – Liberia is gradually gravitating to a youthful generation of leadership and Nimba County is responding to the generational change. The fever surrounding the coming mid-term special senatorial election has hit Nimba County, with the county is already divided by ideologies.

On local radio stations, messages of donations from various political auxiliaries are aired regularly, while at the same time those expressing interest in the senatorial bid are very busy moving around, making pledges and presenting cash to win the hearts and minds of voters, something many have considered as “pre-campaigning.”

There are few names emerging to contest the senatorial election, including incumbent Senator Thomas Grupee, Mr. Taa Wongbe, Rep. Jeremiah K. Koung, Supt. David Dorr Cooper, and former Nimba County Superintendent Edith Weh, among others.

Each of these names are building their strength in different sectors of the county. While some are using their political influence, Taa has over the years built his constituent in the youthful generation of Nimba County.

As a young man, Taa has worked with the young people helping them believe that they, too, can lead and make a difference in the political leadership of Nimba County but warned that that can only be achieve if they rally support in one direction.

Taa has over the years built a massive movement across the county with youth at the center. Since last June, Taa’s movement, Moving Nimba Forward, has been engaging with citizens across the county. Many see youth gravitating towards Taa’s movement because of his message and what he has done for youth across Nimba.

 Many youth consider him as their mentor and their face in the 2020 race. At the Nimba County community college, (NCCC) many Nimba youth have benefitted from his scholarship fund. The county honored and recognized him with his name on a statue of the former President for the school on the campus. Taa recently donated 50,000 Liberia dollars to help students build their palava hut at the NCCC.

 Many youth point to his message of education and empowerment while others are interested in his message of building the agriculture sector in Nimba. Last year, through his advocacy, over 20 women agricultural groups across Nimba benefited from a multi-year program.  

Taa is from Graie and is the founder and CEO of The Khana Group, Liberia’s largest consulting firm. His firm has four offices – New York, Liberia, Nigeria and Ghana and has worked in 18 countries across Africa. Taa has worked for some of the largest companies globally and has received many awards.

Taa is one of our kind

Alphonso korto is the Deputy Executive Director of the “Nimba Education guide”, a local civil society group in Nimba providing education guidance for Younger students and checkmating the sector believes it is time for young people to take over their county and  as young people, they  see Taa  as their direct representation.

Korto said: “Taa is one of us, he is someone who believe in developing young people evidence by what he has don at the Community college in Nimba. If you do your background check he is one of the major donor of scholarship at the college. He is a potential young man running his own organization providing employment opportunities.

“We need our kind someone who understands the issues of young people in Nimba because he too is a young man who was helped and developed by people. He is not one of the divisive person of our county he cut across he is always reaching out to people regardless of your ethnic back ground we see ourselves in him and we believe he is capable of representing us at the Legislature.

Taa was recently awarded the Business Leadership Excellence Award and inducted into the African Leadership Magazine’s CEO Hall of Fame at their annual Persons of the Year Awards ceremony in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 24, 2018.

 He was awarded along with other business executives across Africa, including Managing Director of Cal Bank, Frank Adu and South African based Malawian president of Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) Shepherd Bushiri.

The African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year Awards celebrates game changers displaying exemplary leadership and individuals who have contributed to shaping the global perception of the African continent. 

The African Leadership CEO’s Hall of Fame honors leaders and top-level executives in the African business ecosystem who exemplify integrity, insist upon excellence, earn the trust of others and have built globally competitive organizations. 

Honorees have continuously exhibited a passion and commitment to diligence, success and transformational leadership to ensure Africa’s prosperity for generations to come.

This prestigious award is given based on the following criteria: Corporate Performance, Vision and Leadership, Global Competitiveness, Innovation, and Social Responsibility.  Wongbe, who is the Founder and CEO of the Khana Group (TKG), was selected in recognition of being one of Africa’s most young and distinguished CEOs, with impeccable business leadership savvy, consistent championing of ethical business practices and inspirational leadership on the continent. 

Furthermore, the selection committee cited Wongbe’s exceptional leadership, impact on the lives of both internal and external communities and his unalloyed commitment to excellence as the basis for this honor.

Wongbe founded TKG in 2008 to positively transform lives and to create sustainable solutions across Africa. TKG achieves this by using data to inform programmatic decisions and develop strategies to increase social impact for clients such Gallup, NORC, the World Bank, IFC, USAID, Mercy Corps, Plan, UN, UNICEF, McKinsey, Dalberg, DAI, Coca-Cola, and 60+. TKG has offices in Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, and the US, has worked in over 18 different African countries, employs 30 full time staff and has engaged over 600 short term staff and consultants.

Wongbe is responsible for the firm’s strategy, corporate positioning, branding, business development, staffing and operations across all four offices, offering insights to entrepreneurs, investors, governments, and other stakeholders about Africa’s future, at the intersection of business and impact.