Nimba County Wants VP Role in Unity Party – Tingban, PYJ Tipped


Monrovia – A cross section of Nimba County’s citizens, comprising mainly of youths and university students is calling for one of their kinsmen to be a vice presidential candidate on the Unity Party’s ticket in the 2017.

The citizens said for too long they had been used as kingmakers, and now was the time to be given the opportunity to hold key position in the government. They have established a forum called Nimba Agenda to drive this political ideology.

“We like Boakai. We will support him. But he should think about us too,” said one of their spokesmen Mandrick Gontee.

“I am not calling a particular name, but let him look among the people of Nimba and choose one person to be his running mate,” added Gontee, former Secretary General of the National Union of Democratic Progress (NUDP) and Current Chairman, Nimba Agenda.

The citizens made the call in a mass gathering held in Paynesville over the weekend with Representative Matenokay Tingban of District #9 and key officials of the Unity Party.

They, however, said for this to be a reality, stakeholders in the county should unite and come up with a tangible resolution towards achieving the ultimate goal.

Responding, Representative Tingban said the county had immense political strength, but had failed to utilize it. He said that it was now time to do away with tribalism and unite to push the interest of the county forward. 

He noted that while other counties were promoting their potentials, building themselves up, Nimbians were busily destroying each other via social media.

He advised that if a key figure from the county should ascend to the vice presidency, the county’s political actors must form an alliance.

He described Vice President Boakai as the best candidate in the upcoming elections and called on the young people of Nimba to join the Boakai’s Movement.

“It is for us to claim our greatness and make it practical. Our mothers, fathers and elders have pledged their support to Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai.

“It’s your turn. We need to make a decision and secure a space. But first we have to detribalize Nimba County,” Tingba intoned.

Meanwhile a number of young people, speaking to FrontPageAfrica have said they preferred Representative Matenokay Tingban or Senator Prince Y. Johnson for the vice standard bearer post on the Unity Party’s ticket.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh -0880881540/[email protected]