“Liberians Are Deprived And Subjected To Persistent Sufferings” – Says PLP Political Leader Dr. Cassell


MONROVIA — The Standard Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell says vast majority of Liberians have been deprived of their fair share of the country’s wealth and resources and subjected to persistent sufferings due to rampant corruption and bad governance from past and current governments.

Dr. Cassell is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/President of the Dr. Cassell’s humanitarian foundation and Kwenyan and Associates security firm in Liberia.

According to him, for almost two centuries, majority of the Liberian people, have been callously deprived, mortified, subjugated and subjected to persistent suffering by one reputable and wicked government from one administration to another.

He made these comments when scores of gospel musicians under the banner “Independent Gospel Artists of Liberia” pledged their unflinching and unwavering support to his presidential ambition recently.

Dr. Cassell emphasized that citizens are tired of the mountainous vices which continue to negatively affect their lives or improve their living conditions.

“Liberians are sick and tired of being stuck in this endless vicious circle of bad governance, rampant corruption, impunity, abuse of power, extreme poverty, joblessness, bad healthcare system, substandard educational system, conflict of interest in government, partisanship, tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, patronage governing system, malice, political witch hunting, insecurity, amongst others historical abnormalities and contradictions that continue to woefully plague our country. When will this evil circus end?”

“This national degeneracy must be stopped for once and the country recalibrated on a value system that engenders hope, optimism, humanity, decency, integrity, compassion, love and peace”.

Visionary and accountable leader

Dr. Cassell observed that Liberia is at a critical junction and as such, the nation is in dying need for a visionary, responsible, accountable, credible, qualified, experienced and a God fearing leader.

According to him, the country and its citizens are yearning and wailing for a much better and decent national leadership.

“Our people are craving for a new brand of politicians. Politicians that are public servants, humanitarians, selfless, noble, kind, erudite, savvy, pragmatic, humble, and honorable leaders who will summon the audacity beyond all odds to liberate our country and citizens from the lethargies of the historical depravity our country has and continues to painfully endured”.

Seek God

Dr. Cassell called on citizens to seek God’s divine wisdom and guidance during this festive season as they collectively search for a better Liberia that works for all citizens, and not the elite few at the helm of power.

He said citizens want a new Liberia that translates its wealth into an economic boom with transparency and accountability at the core of its economic governance and lifts the masses from the lethargies of poverty and despair and propels them to the buoyancy of socioeconomic dignity and pride citizenship.

He stated that Liberians want to see a government that will ensure that every citizen finds hope and possibility in the place they call home with equal rights and opportunities being the national mentality.

“Liberians want to see a new Liberia where leaders are accountable to the people; a new Liberia in which love abounds with will and courage, and nationalism and patriotism rules. The People’s Liberation Party (PLP) is the way; our arms are open to all and sundry. Let’s search for this new Liberia together”.

Dr. Cassell, however, commended the Independent Gospel Artists of Liberia, for endorsing his ambition.

He vowed not to derail the confidence reposed in him by the gospel artists and other Liberians to help take Liberia to a destiny of transformation and prosperity.

“With your unflinching support, I pledge to do the best of my ability to accentuate our dear PLP to noble and enviable heights. I shall work tirelessly to make our party second to none within the Republic of Liberia. As Vision and Standard Bearer, I shall uphold the trust and confidence you have reposed in me, and my leadership shall uphold the vision of the PLP as the foremost priority and together institutionalize our party with a deep sense of purpose, ownership, hard work, determination, accountability, integrity, inclusiveness, humility, love, peace and patriotism”.

Speaking earlier, the President of the Independent Gospel Artists of Liberia, Evangelist Cyrus Townsend disclosed that the decision taken by the group to endorse the candidacy of Dr. Cassell was due to his immense humanitarian contributions to the nation and its people.

He noted that members of the group will “concomitantly” work with the PLP Standard Bearer to ensure the full actualization of his vision for Liberia and its citizens.