Liberia: “We’ll Put Light On” -Dillon Assures Montserrado County District #15 Residents

Montserrado County Senatorial Candidate Abraham Darius Dillon said he and Ms. Telia Urey, are going to be light in the Legislature

Monrovia – The Montserrado County by-election Senatorial candidate Abraham Darius Dillon, at the launch of campaign activities of Ms. Telia Urey, a representative candidate of District #15, said he and Miss Urey are going to the Legislature to create some level of sanity to the august body.

Dillon contested for the Senatorial position of Montseerado County in 2009, but came third behind the late Senator Geraldine Sheriff.

He is now contesting again for the same post he lost 10 years ago. At the campaign launch over the weekend in Caldwell, Dillon called on District #15 residents to vote for him and Telia, the daughter of businessman turns politician Benoni Urey. 

“I and Telia Urey are going to the House (Legislature) because of you; so we can put the light on. When we say putting light on we are not talking about LEC light. We are talking about the light of integrity,” Dillon said.

He further added: “Let me say this, President Weah said as long as he is President, me and Telia cannot win any seat in the Legislature. But let me reply to George Weah as long as he and his people continue to do the bad things, the people are going to vote for us; we will win.”

Also speaking, Miss Urey termed the election as emotional because of the loss of the former lawmaker, Mr. Adolph Lawrence. The district’s former lawmaker touched the lives of many residents of the district.

“This election gives you the opportunity to elect another leader, who has the intellect and love for district, county and country. Who has the energy and the vision to make this district becomes one of the best in this country,” she said.

Amidst cheer from hundreds of supporters, Miss Urey said the gathering of her supporters has sent a resounding message that she will be the next lawmaker to represent District #15 in the Legislature.

Among the many things, she pledged jobs creation for the already vulnerable youths of the district and access to healthcare.

“I am not going to the Legislature because I am looking for job. No, that is why I said I will give 100 percent of my salary to the people of the District,” she said.

Miss Urey added: “Let it be used to improve the learning condition for our people. Let it be used to fix our community roads; let it be used to empower our market women. Let it be used to empower young people. That is my pledge to you today.”

She also called on the people of the district to fight for what she terms as better Liberia.

Adding up, talk show host Henry Costa said voting Urey and Dillon will send a message to the President that he is not governing the country well. “When you vote Telia and Dillon you will be sending a message to President Weah. That message will tell him (President Weah) that he is no more country giant but rather country chicken,” Costa said.