Liberia: Sirleaf, Weeks Families Plead for Aid to Underwrite Legal Fees in US$16bn Saga


MONROVIA – The families of Charles Sirleaf and Milton Weeks have separately appealed to the public for donations to fund their legal defense in their ongoing prosecution.

The pair have been indicted for economic sabotage, misuse of public money and criminal conspiracy.

In a Facebook post, Mr. James Sirleaf, brother of Charles Sirleaf who served a Deputy Governor for Operations, disclosed the family and international friends are considering setting up an internet account to solicit funding and donations in the interest of defending Charles, Milton and others accused with in the same saga.

“Funds from around the world, ordinary people and the general public seeking justice around the world would be used to pay the court, lawyers’ fees, etc. as accrued in the name of justice,” he wrote in the post on social media.

Also, family members and friends of embattled ex-governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Milton Weeks, have set up a website intended to raise funds to support his legal defense.

“This is a high-profile case; and the costs of Milton’s legal defense are huge.  Milton and Arnette have already spent tens of thousands US Dollars in legal fees.  Additionally, few friends and family offered real properties valued close to a million US Dollars for a bond to secure his release.  Sadly, this is only the beginning. Additional tens of thousands of US Dollars will still be required for legal, bail insurance bond (if the property valuation bond is declared insufficient) and other related costs.  This is a heavy burden imposed upon him, despite his innocence,” the family wrote in an open letter.

The letter added: “We have set up this page ( to raise additional funds to support Milton’s legal defense.  No amount is too small or too large. Every dollar goes a long way in helping Milton vindicate himself and maintain his freedom.  We ask you to not only take a moment to make a donation now, but to also encourage people within your circle to support this cause. Please Make A Contribution By Clicking Here(”

Weeks is facing prosecution for allegedly acting in cohort with other officials of the Bank including Mr. Charles Sirleaf, deputy governor for operations and two others to under report excess Liberian dollars banknotes printed in the tone of over L$3.1 billion at the extra cost of US$835,367.78 at the expense of Liberian tax payers.

The Presidential Investigation Team in its report penned that Weeks and his alleged cohorts acted criminally by conspiring to doctor and fix reports which were contrary to the actual amounts printed and received by the CBL.

However, his family believes he is man of impeccable character and would have never indulged in such an act.

“By now, you would be aware that our dear Milton Weeks is, to a certain extent, fighting for his life.  Over the last several weeks, an unfolding saga in Liberia has had Milton caught in the midst of allegations, which has led to his detention and subsequent incarceration.  He has since been released on bail.  All of us who know and love Milton are aware that his impeccable character, integrity, faith, and personality would never allow him to even consider what he is being accused of.  As a family, we therefore welcome and pray for a speedy trial so Milton will be able to clear his name of these allegations once and for all,” Rocheforte L. Weeks Jr wrote on behalf of the family.