Liberia: Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor Declares Assets


Monrovia – Liberia’s Vice President, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, has filed her 2018 assets declaration with the Liberia Anti-corruption Commission (LACC).

The Vice President’s declaration comes a week after President George M. Weah did same.

In receiving the declaration the LACC issued the Declaration of Income, Assets and Liability Acknowledgment instrument, officially confirming that it received the declaration of personal interests, income, assets and liabilities from Vice President Howard-Taylor on Monday, August 6, 2018.

The submission of the assets declaration by the Liberian Vice President is in adherence to Section 10.2 of the Code of Conduct which calls on public officials of the Executive Branch of Government to declare their personal assets and submit same to the LACC.

Her assets are yet to be made public.

The LACC Acknowledgement reads, “Her Excellency Vice President of Liberia has filed her 2018 exit assets declaration with the LACC, and the same is stored within the assets declaration & Verification Unit of the LACC”.

The assets declaration by public officials is intended to enhance accountability and transparency, curtail corruption and acquisition of illicit wealth as well as to increase public confidence and trust in the governance system.