Liberia: United Grebo Association of Liberia Pledges Support to Alex Cummings’ Presidential Bid


MONROVIA — The United Grebo Association of Liberia, an umbrella body of the Grebo speaking people of Liberia, has endorsed the standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings, as its candidate for the 2023 presidential election.

The group said after much deliberations, it decided to jettison sentiment and back the candidature of Cummings for the presidency in the interest of the nation.

By Selma Lomax

According to a statement read at a formal endorsement program by the group’s spokesman, Rev. Peter T. Gbarbo, “our decision to throw our weight behind Cummings was informed by his commitment to rescue the nation from misrule and corruption.”

Gbarbo noted that Cummings, a native of Maryland County, South-East Liberia, ranks higher than all presidential aspirants for next year’s exercise.

“The group has decided on it. We are going to go out and work for him (Cummings) as a group. There is no choice about that.”

As far as the group is concerned, Cummings’ support base transcends tribe, religion, and ethnicity as the Chairman said the ANC’s political leader’s aspiration is people-driven.

“It is the people that are driving Cummings, not even this group. They love him, people want a change. They are tired of the situation,” he explained.

“There is nothing to sell to people anymore – it is not tribe, or religion but the belief that we have to move ahead. People are going to make a choice this time, nobody is going to convince them again.”

He said the country is not doing well in all indices of development because the current leadership of President George Weah hasn’t harnessed the dividends of democracy since his ascendency in 2018 for the benefit of Liberians. He added that at this juncture Liberia needs a unifier, a leader with the capacity and strength of character to guide the people.

Gbarbo said: “We need a leader who is untainted by endemic corruption; we need a clear thinker. We need a leader bristling with ideas and a workable plan to fix our broken country.”

As the oldest country in Africa, Gbarbo said Liberia’s potential and the promise it holds for shared prosperity is real and cannot be over-emphasized.

Unfortunately, however, he said successive administrations, including the leadership of President Weah, have been unable to transform the country’s potential into real gains for the overall well-being of the people. 

He added: “The hardship unleashed on our society by this economic downturn is further worsened by the deterioration of security across the country.”

He added: “Government’s efforts to stamp out corruption has not yielded the desired results and continue to fuel the state of insecurity in our country. Corruption is responsible for our country’s widespread unemployment, poverty and instability.

“After thorough scrutiny of the record of leading political candidates and bearing in mind the significance of this moment, and what it holds for our dear country, we are strongly persuaded that Cummings is the most suitable candidate to assume the presidency of this great country next year.

Reacting to the group’s endorsement, Cummings said, “Next year’s presidential election must not be based on tribe or religion, but on competence and character. I assure that we will build better Liberia together.”