Liberia Student Union Condemns Weah’s Assertions on Opposition Political Leaders


MONROVIA – The Liberia National Student Union (LINSU) has condemned President George Weah’s assertions during Friday’s live interview on the state radio relating to leaders of opposition political parties’ leaders. The students’ umbrella organization says the President’s utterances “were ill-advised if not irresponsible”.

LINSU: “President Weah, for instance, did refer to Henry Pedro Costa as ‘a less than 500 votes winning candidate’; called Rep. Yekeh Kolubah ‘a gun carrier’; characterized former vice president Joseph Nyumah Boakai as ‘an ingrate’; and most denigratingly lamented that there is no scarcity of jobs for youth and students in Liberia. We believe that, statements such as these have the propensity to transmogrify our already economically challenged society into a calamitous revolt. When we look into the panorama of the daily happenings in our country at this moment, it is very unpretentious to acknowledge that, a true political leader at the moment, is one who chooses to reconcile with people of political descends and open room for recommendations. Instead, the former footballer turned President expressed this morning a cliché loaded with irresponsible and reckless racketeering against statesmen who differ with his political and economic models of leadership”.

LINSU recalled that Costa did obtain the total amount of 3,282 votes, which aggregated into 8.0%..

“How can we now believe the allegations against both Rep. Yekeh Kolubah and former Vice President Joseph Boakai? We wish to caution all sides of the political class to desist from making statements that have the proclivity to derail our peace as a nation,” the student group cautioned.

According to LINSI, it has never remained silent in the history of its existence on issues confronting the forward march of the Liberian people and country since 1952. 

LINSU: “This current generation will not put resign to said revolutionary responsibility. We are therefore not going to remain mute on the trending controversies toward the upcoming December 30, protest to be organized by the Council of Patriots (COP)”. 

“Looking at the reality on ground, we are weighing the issues, individuals, and institutions involve in the pending protest, and we will definitely state our position in the soonest possible time. When the material conditions of the Liberian people are perpetually horrendous, we only wish for proactive political leadership, or the resistance of backwardness may take center stage.

In the cause of Social Justice, Academic Freedom and Peace LINSU remains uncompromising.”