Liberia: Sinoe Caucus Expels Sen. Nagbe; Suspends Rep. Zarzar


Monrovia – Sinoe County Legislative Caucus has expelled with immediate effect Senator Joseph Nagbe and suspended indefinitely District # 3 Representative Matthew G. Zarzar from the Caucus for breaking the Peace Accord signed in Bamako, Mali on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

The communications of “Suspension and Expulsions” were signed by Sinoe County District # 2 Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh, Secretary of the Caucus; District # 1 Representative Crayton Oldpa Duncan, Vice Chairman (Acting Chairman) of the Caucus; and Senator J. Milton Teahjah, Advisor.

When contacted, Zarzar promised to respond to his suspension in the coming days.

The majority member of the caucus allegedly accused Rep. Zarzar of running the state of the caucus in complete disregard and isolation of the majority of the caucus members and working consistently and persistently with Sen. Nagbe to violate all of the provisions of the Peace Accord, causing conflict amongst caucus, polarizing the county.

“Please be advised that the Caucus reserves the right to expel you if you issue any derogatory public statement about the Caucus during the course of your suspension,” the statement said.

As for Sen. Nagbe, he is allegedly been accused of working consistently and persistently with Chairman Zarzar to violate all of the provisions of the Peace Accord, thereby fermenting conflict amongst Caucus members, polarizing Sinoe County.

The communication said: “On June 6, 2018 – all five members of the Sinoe County Legislative Caucus – met in Bamako, Mali and signed a Peace Accord obligating all of us to work for peace and tranquility both amongst ourselves and, by extension, amongst the peace-loving people of Sinoe County.”

According to Section 2 of the Peace Accord, signed in Bamako, Mali: “We shall always endeavor to keep the Caucus united by avoiding all actions and/or activities that could reignite conflict amongst us; that the two Senators shall refrain from taking any action(s), such as nominations and recommending for dismissal of local officials, without first consulting with the three representatives, particularly with the Representative of the affected district.”

The communication further said: “That the three representatives will consult the two Senators in taking administrative action(s) in their districts, particularly with reference to nominations and recommendations from dismissal of local officials; that all actions and decisions of the caucus will be made with the knowledge and participation of all members; and that during our pending meeting with President George M. Weah, we will appeal to him to allow the Caucus to work with the CDC’s county leadership in recommending local officials for nominations.”