Liberia: Sen. Prince Johnson Wants Cummings Seek Permission before Holding ANC’s Convention in Nimba County


MONROVIA Alexander B. Cummings, leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) is planning a national convention in vote rich Nimba County on May 4, but he has Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson who believes the convention must not be held in the county without his approval to contend with.

Report by Lennart Dodoo, [email protected]

On a Truth FM’s nighttime show, “What’s Your View”, Sen. Johnson, who regards himself as the ‘Godfather’ of the county, said the ANC, being a member of an opposition political coalition must get the consent of the county authorities, including him, before taking the convention to Nimba.

He said Nimba County remains a strong supporter of the George Weah-led administration and would not entertain the convergence of any group of people or political party, who has plans to protest against or unseat the President.

“Nimba County that consists of 1.2 million citizens all over Liberia, our support for President Weah is unwavering. We have a country parable that the devil we dress, we cannot undress it. We’ll continue to support this government despite these stormy days,” he said.

Sen. Johnson added: “Opposition people are holding meeting in Nimba. There was a meeting in Nimba between ANC Political leader Alexander Cummings and Hon. Larry Yonquoi, who is a member of the ANC – an Executive Member….

“During a normal time like this where there is no election, if you want to hold a convention in Nimba, you’re free to do so, but notify the leaders of the county – we must be notified. We’re the political leaders of the people. The administrative head of the county from the Executive must also be notified. But you cannot take an opposition political party leader who is in coalition with other parties that are attacking this government and giving the government three months, they’re supporting Yekeh Kolubah, to my county, our county…”

“Analyzing the results further, the majority of the Liberian people voted for change. The message therefore was loud and clear and unavoidable.” – Senator Prince Y. Johnson(MDR, Nimba)

Members of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) are poised to gather in Ganta City, Nimba County for the Party’s National Convention on Saturday, May 4, 2019. Delegates will come from every part of Liberia to attend this year’s highly-awaited National Convention, under the theme: “The Alternative Liberia Deserves”.

At the Convention, a number of critical and pressing landmark national decisions will be made, while key positions within the party will be filled by new but influential party heavy-weights. Meanwhile, ahead of this highly-pitched convention, Mr. Cummings, Political Leader of the ANC, has met with a cross-section of media practitioners and held discussions of mutual interests regarding key national issues, including the state of the economy.

ANC Responds

When contacted by FPA, the ANC did not feel it necessary to dignify Senator Prince Johnson’s comments with a reply. However, an official who preferred to speak on anonymity said, “We don’t think any part of this nation belongs to anyone. The Constitution gives every Liberian the right to assemble and discuss their issues on any part of the territory. Senator Johnson may still be living in the past when the country was divided between warlords. This is a new era and he must get on board or stay in the back. We respect the Senator and hope he will join us!

He added: “We are not worried about his grandstanding and we know this country is safe and we don’t expect Senator Johnson to do or say anything that will jeopardize the peace of the nation. We know he will protect peace and stability in Nimba and throughout the nation. This is a political convention of a political party, which membership includes prominent Nimbaians, who are neither supporters of the Senator or the ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC). The Senator may claim to be the ‘godfather’ of Nimba but not all people of Nimba are behind him. The protection of Nimba is an affair of the state and its security apparatus and not Senator Johnson. We are under the protection of the state and the Constitution and do no need acquiescence from any particular citizen or group.”

According to the ANC official, the hierarchy takes the “threats” from the Senator seriously but will not be deterred and will hold him responsible for any harm to any of their partisans or any person attending their events.

He said, the party’s decision to hold the convention in that county is strategic because Nimba is probably the second biggest county next to Montserrado County. He said, he hopes Sen. Johnson would join the ANC at the convention and be part of the “positive alternative we offer instead of the failing policies he is supporting. We are not into stardom. We are a party of people who want the best for this country.”

He added: “Before he joined CDC bandwagon, the Senator had supported us. We know he will come back, because we know he cares about the welfare of the people of this country and he will see wisdom in supporting the party that provides the best alternative to the current failures we are experiencing.” “Of course we extend an open arm to the Senator and will provide him with a chance to speak. We don’t believe in this notion of being godfather, a term that refers to the mafia, gangsters and warlords.”