Liberia’s Ruling Party Chairman Calls on Partisans to Be Patient


Monrovia – CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu has told partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that President George Manneh Weah is President for all Liberians and not only them.

Report by Henry Karmo – [email protected] 

Mr. Morlu wants them to give the President chance to setup his government.

Speaking at a press conference Monday, March 19, the CDC Chairman called on his party’s supporters to be patient and wait.

His statement was in response to claims that President George Weah is ignoring partisans of the CDC and giving jobs to people of other political parties.

“As one who wants to lead by example and to a new rise, he needs time. So CDCians this is your government and it needs your maximum support: be patient and wait for your time everyone has their time,”Morlu said.

The CDC chairman, who was a strong critics of the former ruling Unity Party while in opposition, said, for a true reconciliation to occur there are practical steps required some of which President Weah has taken by giving people of the opposition bloc jobs.

He also disclosed that it could take President Weah a whole year to complete the appointment of his government officials.

Also at the press conference, a group of young men, under the “Boakai Think Tank” banner, which supported the former Vice President, Joseph Boakai, in the 2017 Presidential and Representatives Elections, parted company with Mr. Boakai and joined ranks with CDC, through their chairman, Mr. Foday Kutubu Sheriff.

The Boakai group had heavily campaigned against President Weah. They were amongst some of his harshest critics of President Weah’s CDC.

In his statement of support, Sheriff said, after few months of consultation and observance of the country political future, they decided to join the CDC officially and by extension support the pro-poor agenda of the President.

“President Weah has proven us wrong. He is a true patriotic. We believe in his government.”

“We want to seize this opportunity to thank the President for appointing young people into positions they were being deprived of in the past,” Sheriff said.

They promised to do everything in their might to project the CDC government’s pro-poor agenda.