Liberia: Ruling Party Stalwart Kouyateh Drops Out of Montserrado Senatorial Race over ‘Poor’ State of the Nation

CDC-Stalwart Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh (middle) says he is withdrawing from the Senatorial race to focus on the search leading to national stability and peaceful co-existence in Liberia

Monrovia – A Liberia businessman turned politician, Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh has announced his withdrawal from the Montserrado County senatorial by-election that has been earmarked to take place in July this year.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh, [email protected]

The seat was left vacant as the result of the death of Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, May 12, in Monrovia, Sheikh Kouyateh, a member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) declared that his decision is due to the current ‘poor state’ of the nation and his urge to form part of processes leading to national stability and peaceful coexistence “within our troubled and seemingly confused Liberia.”

Said Kouyateh: “The current poor health of Mama Liberia and our desire and urge to respond to our healing process, have led us to suspend as of today all ongoing efforts towards securing the Montserrado senatorial seat in this upcoming by-election. Our decision follows deep consultations with my team, friends and family members. Be assured my friends that what we started will be continued well in future electoral processes.” 

He continued: “Our team’s energies, resources and commitments shall now be redirected towards joining forces with those who are in search of national stability and peaceful co-existence within our troubled and seemingly confused Liberia. Our journey begins today with a call to all parties to hear the cries of the children of Liberia and do all we can to ease the tension. Our journey today begins with a call to our brothers and sisters to tune down the tough talks and let find a collective way out. The children of Mama Liberia should never forget our bitter past experiences; bearing in mind that in union strong success is guaranteed.”

Sheikh Kouyateh, who is also the president and CEO of FARAFINA Investment Group, asserted that his intention to enter the race was driven by the urge to advance and support programs and initiatives that will capacitate the many disadvantaged young people to ensure a brighter future for them and their families.

According to him, his desire is also to ensure that the constitutional role of the Legislature, specifically the Senate is played effectively in the interest of the state and to foster harmony and unity between and amongst Liberians; adding, “It is our conviction that these issues must constantly be placed on the national agenda if a peaceful, healthy and prosperous life of our dear Liberia is to be assured. 

However, he noted that given the wrong way things are going, he was constraint to abort his decision and join forces with those who are seeking to amicably resolve the standoff between the government, the opposition blog and the protesters.

Commenting on the June 7 protest, Sheikh Kouyateh noted that given Liberia’s past history, protest is not the answer to the forward match of the nation, and as such he will engage the government, political parties and organizers of the demonstration in finding an amicable solution.

He warned that Liberia is at a crossroad and it was time for every well-meaning Liberian to put ‘nation before self’ in finding ways to avert whatever danger that is at hand.