Liberia: Provisional Results Put Opposition Dillion in Pole Position As Next Senator


MONROVIA – Provisional results coming from the National Elections Commission (NEC) put opposition candidate Abraham Darius Dillon in a comfortable lead in the Montserrado County senatorial by-election, but the NEC says it would release final results within 48 hours. 

The numbers coming from Montserrado County District 15 appears competitive as opposition candidate Telia Urey and the ruling party’s candidate Abu Kamara are going neck-to-neck.

Elections officers were busy on Tuesday tallying votes from all 17 districts in Montserrado County. The Tallying process was witnessed by political parties through their representatives, Civil Society Organizations and the media.

The Liberty party (LP) Chairman Senator Steve Zargo of Lofa County told journalists during a news conference that results in the possession of the LP shows that the collaborating parties’ senatorial candidate shows a 20,000 difference between their candidate Dillon and his main contender Paulita CC Wie of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).  

Sen. Zargo also disclosed that results in their possession puts Telia Urey in the lead in District 15.

Sen. Zargo stated that the three collaborating parties are jealously protecting their ballots and call on the international Community to be aware of what he said is an “attempt by the ruling party to thwart results”.

“Our technical team is currently monitoring and tally sheets available to the collaborating political parties show that the two candidates on the ticket of the collaborating parties are in an irreversible lead.

“We thank the people of Montserrado County for turning out to make history by defeating CDC in what is believe to be their back yard. We will jealously protect our ballot.”

Citizens of Montserrado County Monday went into a by-elections to elect people who will represent then in the Senate and House of Representatives. The By-election is a result of a vacancy created as a result of the death of two lawmakers. Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff and Representatives Adolphus Lawrence of District #15 Montserrado County.