Liberia: Prince Kreplah Reaffirms Party Support Following Defeat to Mayor Koijee in CDC 7th Congress

Prince D. Kreplah, Former defeated contender for the Secretary General position of the Ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) in a press conference.

MONROVIA – Prince Kreplah, a former defeated contender for the Secretary-General position of the Ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has conceded defeat to Mayor Koijee in the party just ended the election and promised overwhelming support ahead of the 2023 elections.

The CDC at its 7th national convention held on November 21, has unveiled a new breed of officers to stir the affairs of the party up until 2029.

By Francis G. Boayue, FPA Staff Reporter

Mr. Prince Kreplah in his quest to ascend to the secretary position of the CDC which didn’t materialize, obtained 91 votes out of 370 votes cast, lost to the Former CDC Youth League Chair Jefferson Koijee with 276 votes.

He said since his loss in the process, he has however reached out to Mayor Koijee and congratulated him for his preferment as Secretary-Elect of the party and as well pledged his commitment to work along with him for the good of the party.

Following his defeat, Prince Kreplah in a press conference on Wednesday said since his loss, he has been receiving several calls from the opposition political parties mainly the ANC of Mr. Alexander Cummings for a crossover.

“Since I lost in the CDC just ended election, Mr. Cummings has been sending people to meet me at my house to part ways with the CDC and join the ANC on grounds that I have lost the election with the CDC so it’s about time to leave my party and join his party which I won’t do today or any other day,” he said.

According to him, participating in the party just ended executive election does not take from him any other right as a due paying member of the CDC and has, however, reassured his commitment to supporting the CDC amid his loss in the party’s election for a secretarial position.