Liberia: President Weah Has Reportedly Quietly Reconciled Disgruntled CDC Stalwarts


Monrovia  – FrontPageAfrica has reliably learned that President George Manneh Weah on Thursday smoked a peace pipe with two major stalwarts of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

Details on a meeting that took place Thursday has been sketchy despite several attempts to reach aides to both camps late Thursday.

A source who confirmed the report to FPA said the meeting was initiated by the President. “It’s true that the chief called a meeting today to reconcile. It was a one on one meeting and he was very conciliatory. We are back on course,” said a source speaking on condition of anonymity Thursday.

The President reportedly became upset last week when the ruling party’s chairman Mulbah Mulbah tore into the lapses of the administration which he believed was breaking away from the party’s grassroots mantra that brought Mr. Weah to power.

The party chair said it was rather embarrassing and shameful for the socio-economic disparity to continue to widen between the haves and have-nots, while those in the party’s hierarchy remained quiet.

Said Mr. Morlu: “The CDC cannot and will not remain silent if the problems it stood against yesterday begin to resurface in the governance corridors of today. We cannot forget so soon that the existence of this government is a product of the many years of sacrifice, commitment and selfless resilience of millions of ordinary Liberians who simply desire good governance and a departure from the political excesses of the past. Amidst the plethora of challenges across the country, our people still remain hopeful that we will rise to seize the moment and make the difference for our people and country; let us not let the people down.”  

A meeting called by Professor Wilson Tarpeh on Tuesday ended in a deadlock with both Mr. Morlu and Rep. Acarous Gray being thrown out as the President insisted on keeping Mr. Morlu from presiding over the meeting.

The disagreement between the President and two of the party’s key stalwarts who were in the trenches with the President for more than a decade leading to his presidency has divided the ruling party with some level-headed partisans and advisors urging the President to see reason to reconcile with the party, especially in the wake of the upcoming December 30 protest and the 2020 Mid Term senatorial elections.

The fear of a divided party going into an election vulnerable is said to be a key reason why President Weah was pressed to reconcile with the disgruntled pair.