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Liberia: Pres. Weah Slams Critics Blaming Him for Plight of Disadvantaged Youth


Monrovia – President George Weah says it is “regrettable” for his critics to blame his administration for the conduct of wayward youth, who are widely suspected to be criminals and drug users. 

According to President Weah, some of his critics “used” some of these young people as child soldiers.

“They are still blaming this new government for the children they give guns, so it is incumbent on us to change them positively,” said President Weah Wednesday when he dedicated the new Joe Bar Market in Old Road. 

He was reacting to criticisms about his decision to share money with some of the wayward youths during the week of the July 26 celebration.   

According to President Weah it is incumbent upon his administration to change their lifestyle.

Said Weah: “My love for Liberia has nothing to do with votes. It is not because you voted me or can vote me again, remember that I am the same George Oppong Weah.”

Weah said he is not in the position to side with anyone intending to hinder Liberia’s development and claims that he’s willing to work with people who want to work with him.

“People who want to hinder Liberians development will be weed out, but those who want to work will be welcome,” he said.

He also called the Liberian media to desist from basing news reports on “only the negative” aspect of the country.

Despite the construction of the Joe Bar Market, Weah says he is afraid he will still be criticized by his oppositions.

But he claimed that there are some citizens who served Liberia for 12 years and didn’t do anything for the country.  

He pleaded with Liberians to exercise patience while stressing that transforming Liberia cannot be done in a year’s period.

Weah said he was happy for the construction of the market because many mothers were showing signs of delight and that the new market will create a conducive environment for them.

He said his “hand-mark” will determine whether he will be reelected or not.

“I am a record-breaker I am a talk and do, so instead of criticizing, I will urge you to join me in developing our country, because criticism will not work. What I have done in just one year, no president since 1847 has done it,” President Weah said.

Weah then announced plans by his government to support the country’s local agriculture initiatives.

The Liberian leader also mentioned that the housing unit project in his native land Sass Town, Grand Kru County has help changed the condition of the people.

“When I was in Sass Town, we used to toilet on the beaches and in the bush, but today, if I go to Sass Town, I can toilet in any home because I saw the need of changing the living condition of my people,” Weah noted.

The Old Road Market, according to Liberia Institute for Community Empowerment (LACE) Executive Director, Pepsi Yekeh is worth US$206,000.

The building has 13 warehouses six bathrooms, parking facility, electricity and fans, making it conducive for selling.

Mr. Yekeh said the market follows series of other projects already implemented by LACE to include 50 housing in Popo Beach and US$236,000 Bridge construction in Grand Cape Mount County.

Meanwhile, Julian Bannie, superintendent of the market, lauded President Weah for the project and promised to keep the market in good shape.