Liberia: Opposition Threatens Mass Action; Calls on Government to Restore Roots FM’s Facilities, Equipment


Monrovia – The four collaborating opposition political parties (CPP) have warned the Government of President George Weah against acts that are “inimical” to Liberia’s peace and called on him to immediately and unconditionally reopen Roots FM and restore all of its equipment and facilities.

The four parties — All Liberian Party (ALP), Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP) and Unity Party (UP) — at a press conference Friday, October 11, warned that any delay by the Government to take quick action, they will be left with no alternative but to lead a peaceful, non-violent, direct and sustained mass action. “As we prepare to enter 2020, which will be even more critical for Liberia’s democracy, let it be clear here that this Government will soon realize that it has crossed the red line for our patience and tolerance.

Reading their joint press statement, UP Secretary General Wilmot Paye said, “This government cannot continue to act lawlessly under the disguise of applying the law. So far there is no outcome of acts of violence perpetrated against Mrs. Cornelia Kruah Togba in District # 13 in 2013 and recently against Ms. Telia Urey of District #15 respectively.

The CPP called on their supporters, sympathizers and friends to continue to be peaceful, law abiding and non-violent. They promised to hold broad consultations in order to determine their next course of action.

They used the occasion to warn against what they called “government machineries,” whom they say are preparing another attack to be led by famous rebel ‘General Power’ to close Shaita FM Radio.

“Already, the government has refused to grant operating license to punch FM and is determined to silence all independent voices. The action to close Roots FM is a proof that there are plans underway to muscle anything that resembles criticism, and it seems that President Weah will stop at nothing until this is achieved.”

The opposition parties promised to continue to speak out on matters that affect Liberia’s peace, democracy and the wellbeing of the masses; adding: “We urge all Liberians not to succumb to Weah’s threats. Liberia cannot and must never become a police state yet again.”

They have called on the ECOWAS Commission, African Union, United Nations, European Union, and the Government of the United States of America to view the latest move by President George Weah and his Government’s attempt to suppress Freedom of Speech.

“The move by the Government of Liberia is an attempt to suppress all forms of dissent and criticisms ahead of next year’s senatorial election. Those elections will be held nationwide. That is why our four political parties cannot sit supinely and allow President Weah to institute measures that will jeopardize Liberia’s peace and democracy.

“Instead of addressing the governance malaise and economic hardships that Liberians are forced to bear under a very insensitive government that has lost confidence and trust of not only its own citizenry but also Liberia’s bilateral and multilateral partners for its inherent incompetence. It makes no sense to employ oppressive means that will only destroy Liberia’s image further.”