Liberia: NEC Certificates the People Restoration Party; Cautions them to maintain the Peace as a Political Party


Monrovia – The National Election Commission over the weekend certificated the People Restoration Party (PRP) as the newest registered political party in Liberia.

Presenting the certificate to the party, the Chairperson of NEC Madam Davidetta Browne Lansanah said in keeping with chapter #2, subchapter A, section 2.3 of the guideline, the proposed People Restoration Party submitted a formal application and other relevant documents to the commission to be registered as a political party.

After carefully reviewing the documents through the Political Affairs Section, Madam Lansanah said the documents have met the approval of the Broad of Commissions. She cautions the political party to be peaceful and operate in confirm of the law and constitution of Liberia.

“This is to satisfy that the People Restoration Party has fulfilled all the requirements for registration as a political party as provided for in article 79 of the constitution of Liberia and the NEC guideline and regulation relating to the commission and registration of political party to operate freely in the Republic of Liberia,” Madam Lansanah said.

NEC boss added: “In so doing, the NEC hereby declare and accredit the People Restoration Party as a registered political party and all the rights and privileges are obtains there to.”

In response, the Chairman of the People Restoration Party Mr. Richmond Yarkpa praised the Broad of Commissions of the NEC for what he terms the professional jobs they are doing at the voting house.

“Because of the good job they are doing, today we are able to be part of this process to be dully registered and accredited to operate in Liberia as a political party,” Yarkpa said.

“We have come to let you know Madam Chairperson, Co-chair, and members of the commission that we will uphold the rule of law according to our constitution and we will also, work closely with NEC in the best way that we can help our country to restoration the dignity and pride of Liberia,” he said.

PRP Chairman told journalists after receiving the certificate that his party is different from other political adding that they are getting their inspiration directly from God.

Like the name, People Restoration Party, the Chairman says, “We have come to restore the dignity of our people and we have come to restore the life of our people from the difficulties they have been faced with.”

Chairman Yarkpa said he is glad that his party was finally certificated after more than five years of establishment. He was also not definite about his party contesting in the 2023 election when asked by a journalist.

“Every political party is a government in waiting. But until 2023, we cannot say what is going to happen. Because being a political party is not only to run in an election or win an election, it transcends beyond that,” PRP Chairman stated.

Mr. Yarkpa added: “So until we get to 2023, we tell you whether we are going to have a standard-bearer or it will just be a political party in the background helping to flag out issues and make sure that things are on course so that the people of Liberia can benefit.”