Liberia: Montserrado County Attorney Accuses Former VP Boakai, Urey of Working to Destabilize the Weah-led Administration


MONROVIA – Montserrado County Attorney Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin says former Vice President Joseph Boakai and the leader of opposition All Liberian Party Benoni Urey are working in cohort with Representative Yekeh Kolubah to “unseat” the George Weah-led government.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh, [email protected]

Cllr Martin’s allegation stems from a protest march recently organized by the Montserrado District 10 lawmaker on Sunday, April 14.

According to Rep. Kolubah, the march, which was peaceful and guarded by scores of police officers, was intended to remind President Weah that “his days in office are politically numbered.” It was also intended for him to lend his support to the planned June 7 mass protest against ‘bad governance’.

However, in a rather strong worded statement, the County Attorney on Monday said, “We register serious concern over the statement made by Rep. Yekeh Kolubah when he said ‘We will move as soon as you our leaders ask us to do”.

Cllr. Martin noted that for Rep. Kolubah to make such remark in the presence of former Vice President Boakai and opposition leader Urey without any reaction from them suggests to him that they are all working in concert to disrupt the peace of the country and bring the tenure of President Weah to a premature end.

“They are hiding behind street protest to rain insults at public officials and the President of Liberia and have now made known their evil plan to destabilize the government by whatever means possible,” he said.

Both former vice president Boakai and Mr. Urey could not be reached for comments on the allegation on Monday.

Cllr. Martin made particular reference to Rep. Kolubah’s assertion that they “will make the government of President George M. Weah to run away from power”.

Cllr. Martin: “This behavior of the Honorable Representative is absolutely incompatible with the exercise of freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly. Even more troubling is the fact that representative Yekeh Kolubah took the stage in the presence of Mr. Benoni Urey, political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) and former constitutional Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai and openly threatened to overthrow the democratically elected government of President George Manneh Weah within three months without any reaction or open rebuke form either Mr. Urey or Former Vice President Boakai”.

He added that the threats made by Rep. Kolubah cannot be taken lightly, instead, they are cleverly planned, organized and are being staged to achieve one objective, to destabilize the Weah-led government and impose upon the Liberian people a devilish and wicked system.

However, Cllr. Martin has invited Rep. Kolubah to appear before him on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, at 12:30 PM for questioning over his alleged statements.

When contacted, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah said he cannot subject himself to Cllr. Martin for any investigation.

“If that County Attorney is under the influence of drugs, I am an elected representative of my people not appointed as the county attorney; therefore, I cannot submit myself to him,” Rep. Kolubah said.

Since organizers came up with the June 7, 2019 date for the protest, threats of a counter protests have made the rounds on the social media Facebook. Economist Samuel P. Jackson, author of the upcoming book, Rich Land, Poor Country: The “Paradox of Poverty” in Liberia has cautioned that it would be a mistake for the administration to counter the June 7 protest with one of their own.

Mr. Jackson appealed to President Weah to resist the urge in listening to extremists like Eugene Fahngon, Deputy Minister of Information and other CDC supporters, who are promoting a counter demonstration.  Jackson warned that putting two adversarial groups on the streets of Monrovia under the current volatile and tense moment in the country’s history could lead to unintended consequences including bloodshed.  He reminded Mr. Weah that as head of government, any violence and bloodshed associated will forever be a blotch on his administration and manifest potential instability in the country, which will further undermine business confidence.  Mr. Jackson was blunt as he slammed those calling for a counter demonstration as jackasses.  

The government has apparently taken note albeit cautiously. 

Govt. Guarantees ‘Right of the People’

Mr. Nathaniel McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs said Sunday, in conversation with reporters, that the Weah-led government has no objection to the protest and will in fact will give protesters its blessing as it is guaranteed under the constitution.

Minister McGill said while it is true that the Constitution guarantees the right of all Liberian to protest the Government is also charge with the responsibility to protect the Peace of Liberians, and the protection of lives and properties, the leaders of the protest would be held accountable if any violence takes place. “The right for people to protest is guarantee by the constitution of Liberia since we came into existence as a government, we have protected people to protests and we will continue to protect people rights to protest.”

Minister McGill however pointed accusing fingers to the leaders of the collaborating Liberty Party, (LP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC), and the All Liberian Party (ALP) for masterminding the planed protest. “Individuals who lost the election and ran to court believing that there should be re-run of election are still in the mentality of the elections so they are still campaigning and making all these noises. It has become clear to me that our friends in the opposition only development for this country is protest maybe that is how they want to serve the Liberian people we will guarantee that.” Minister McGill, however, cautioned that the government was elected to protect lives and properties and the peace of the country. So, while their rights to protest is guaranteed, the heads of political parties who are planning on putting people in the streets will be held accountable if the law is broken. They will be held liable.”