Liberia: Monrovia City Mayor Jeff Koijee Suspected of Eyeing Elected Post in Lofa County


VOINJAMA CITY, Lofa County – Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee’s birthday celebration in his native Lofa County is stirring out mixed reactions on social media amid speculation of his desire for an elected position in the county during the 2023.

Abraham Budoin wrote on social media: “So, the Major has totally abandoned our work and is after the campaign now.”

Massage Moiallah said: “So he really thinks he will be senator of Lofa County.”

Joseph F. Wolobah added: “Lofa County will not make that mistake.”

Kebbeh Sawo posted: “Jefferson do you really think that Lofians are stupid set of people just sit down there you will understand yourself.”

Willian Fayiah Lafalay posted: “Wow, this is good and welcoming but. This should not fool anyone to encourage and make him feel he can get in the race and win in Lofa County. Am watching from a distance and the lenses of my glasses are showing me something differently.”

It’s Not About Me on Ballot

With all of the insinuations, Mayor Koijee says his engagement with his kinsmen should not be misunderstood. He said whether he will contest or not in the 2023 General and Presidential Election, his real interest in Lofa County is to ensure the county can be uplifted.

“The development of this county is paramount to me, it is not about me being on the ballot,” Mayor Koijee said.

He added: “We are humble and so, we are deeply reminded about our beginning and so, I taught it wise to come back and celebrate my natal day with no one else but with my people.”

Despite Koijee dispelled the speculation surrounding his desire to contest, he said there should be no crime for any Lofian who wants to contest in Lofa County.

“We Lofians must have the opportunity to represent our people,” he said.

According to Mayor Koijee, his intention was not to spend the actual date of his birthday (September 7) in Lofa County. His visit to his native home was to meet and discuss the progress of the county with a cross-section of individuals before leaving for Monrovia on his birthday’s eve.

Unfortunately, that could not come to reality. Koijee, after meeting with several groups in Lofa County, was asked to stay and celebrate his birthday for once in his native home with kinsmen.

Despite the many calls from Monrovia’s supporters, Koijee who left his Fassa Village in Foya District, Lofa County at the age of seven had nothing else to do but to abide by the traditional demand of his people.

Koijee for the two days he spent in Lofa County visited the Tellewoyon Memorial Hospital, the Voinjama Central, an old folk’s home, a mosque including the Voinjama Free Pentecostal Church and several other areas in the county.

At every stop, Koijee presented gifts and then encouraged inhabitants of the county to unite for the common good of the county.

He added: “We are fortunate that President Weah through the special grace of God has contributed to where we are. So, it is about the message that one man in the village can say irrespective of my condition there is hope because I can reflect that Koijee was here before in the village of Fassa, Foya District.”

“And the fact that he (Koijee) can leave from the village of Fassa to Monrovia and not just be in Monrovia but he is the chief administrator of the Capital City of Liberia, that is the message we are here to share.”

President Weah Leadership Will Affect the People of Lofa County

Also, at his official birthday program at the Voinjama City Hall, Mayor Koijee called on all Lofians to rally round President Weah for “the collective interest of the county”.

“The fact that President Weah is beginning to pay attention to the road, his leadership will affect the people of Lofa County and our county will be accessible to us,” he said.

“The sons and daughters of Lofa County are productive people. So, we want to say to our friends who are in speculation on whether we want to be on the ballot, that we should not take away our central focus, our focus here is to advance the collective interest of the county through the astute leadership of President Weah President,” he said.

Also, at the Tellewoyon Memorial Hospital, Mayor Koijee praises the health administrators at the hospital for what he termed as the invaluable services they are rendering to the county.

“On behalf of the President of this country, and the people of Lofa County and in my own name, we say to you, please continue to do the right thing, let the Tellewoyon Memorial Hospital be set apart, let it be above politics, let it be about serving humanity,” Mayor Koijee said.