Liberia: ‘Liberty Party Sold for Pickups’ – Simeon Freeman


MONROVIA – The legacy of the late Charles Walker Brumskine who was the political godfather and founder of the opposition Liberty Party seems to be in the mud immediately after the party’s recent convention that saw the surfacing of Musa Bility as chairman of the party.

Bility, a Liberian businessman won the party chairmanship on white ballot at the Liberty Party’s convention in Nimba County.

The ascendency of Bility as the face of the party has brought the Liberty Party’s integrity to question with many criticizing and calling on the LP to remove Mr. Bility on grounds that he (Bility)has integrity issue with the world governing body FIFA.

FIFA has banned Musa Bility for 10 years just two days after he announced plans to take football’s governing body to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Bility has been found guilty of misappropriating FIFA funds, offering and accepting gifts and other benefits and conflicts of interest.

Based on the smelling character of Bility, Liberians from all walks of life have called on the Liberty Party to made Bility resign his post if the party will hold government feet to the fire for corruption.

The latest opposition to bring to question the integrity of Bility and the Liberty Party is Simeon Freeman, the political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change.

Freeman at a news conference said it is regrettable for the Liberty Party that claims to be a government in waiting will be embracing corruption by electing FIFA convicted criminal like Bility as chairman for the party.

Freeman said the Liberty Party has been sold for pickup to Musa Bility who has corruption smells on him.

“The Liberty Party has been sold for Pickups, how can a party wanting to take up state power settle down for pickup, what’s more if we give them state power, what will become of the county, all the time Bility was in the party he all that money he didn’t buy pickups but pickups surface upon when he became chairman,”

The Opposition leader also blasted leaders of the Collaborating Political Parties, CPP including Joseph Boakai and Alexander Cummings for allowing Musa Bility to participate in the LP convention in Gbarnga.

Freeman said it is unfortunate that the CPP will always bad-mouth government for corruption when it keeps silence on the election of a man who was indicted by World Football governing body, FIFA.

The MPC leader also described former Vice Joseph Boakai and ANC Alexander Cummings as unserious group of individuals who do not mean well for the Country.

“That’s why I said the MPC is the only alternative voice for the Liberia people, you cannot have a group of unserious people who say they are fighting corruption and on the other hand they are there embracing corruption by allowing corrupt people in their party,”

The tough talking MPC leader Freeman expressed disappointment in the Former Defense Minister Brownie Samukai and the government of Liberia Saga.

He blasted the CPP for selecting Mr. Samukia to contest on the collaboration tickets in Lofa County in spite of corruption charges.

He intoned that the action of the CPP to allow Mr. Samukia who was convicted by the lower court pending the Supreme Ruling, questions the credibility of the CPP.

Recently the Supreme Court reaffirmed the ruling of Criminal Court C. to bring down a guilty verdict against former Defense Minister Brownie Samukia for misappropriating the AFL pension money.

Simeon Freeman has, however, called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of former LACC Chairperson Cllr. Ndubuzi Nwabudike for lying as a Liberian citizen.

According to Freeman, the Ministry of Justice should waste no time to apprehend Cllr. Nwabudike for criminally faking his citizenship and holding key positions in government.

The MPC Leader also wants the former LACC Boss to restitute all monies, padiams and DSA he received during his stay at the anti-graft institution.

He said this will serve as deterrence to would-be corrupt officials especially foreigners who would like to use their proximity to the Executive to engage into acts of corruption.

“With this, those serving in government will have to be responsible and do the right thing and not to take wrong instructions from their bosses in the name of being loyal, let it be clear that if you take wrong decision it will hunt you in the future legally,” he noted.

According to Mr. Freeman, it is time for authorities of the National Public Health Institute and the Ministry of Health to act swiftly to save the Country from the deadly virus.

Simeon Freeman asserted that the Country and its citizens suffered setback during the outbreak of the virus in 2014, as such urgent action must be taken by relevant authorities to prevent the rebirth of the virus in Liberia.

Mr. Freeman made these comments at a News Conference in Monrovia Tuesday.