Liberia: Julius Kanubah Campaign Team Welcomes Associate Justice Kaba’s Mandate; Encourages Dialogue with Rival Daniel Nyankonah


MONROVIA – The National Campaign Management Team of the Julius Kanubah for the Presidency of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has welcomed the “words of encouragement” from Associate Justice Yussif D. Kaba, admonishing all sides to the controversy surrounding the 2022 PUL Congress to meet and find a solution to the disputed PUL Congress and subsequent elections.

Associate Justice Kaba, who is presiding in Chambers, proffered the words of encouragement on today, Wednesday, 23 November during a Conference at the Supreme Court involving the disputing parties to the controversial 2022 PUL Congress in the wake of a petition for a writ of prohibition prayed for by Team Kanubah.

The Julius Kanubah National Campaign Management Team believes the advice by Justice Kaba for the parties involved in the controversy to meet within one week and find a common understanding demonstrates judicial leadership at the highest professional level, which has been lacking at the PUL.

Team Kanubah also commends Associate Justice Kaba for his judicial interrogative expertise and perspectives about the implications of the conflict surrounding an institution in the nature of the PUL, which is not healthy for the larger Liberian society, and if not resolved amicably could drag on and reach the full bench of the Supreme Court.

In order to move forward and save the blemished image of the PUL in the wake of the disastrous former leadership of Charles Coffey and Daniel Nyakonah, the Julius Kanubah National Campaign Management Team is calling on pertinently credible media stakeholders to lead the process of finding solutions to the PUL twin crisis that encompassed the failure of leadership at the PUL and the holding of an unconstitutional Congress, leading to the election of an illegitimate leadership.

Team Kanubah is of the view that since the tenure of the failed leadership of Charles Coffey and Daniel Nyakonah has since expired in line with Article 9 of the PUL Constitution, it was now time for relevant media stakeholders to immediately step-in in the interim and help guard the process of organizing credible elections to find a legitimate leadership in accordance with Article 11 of the PUL Constitution.

Meanwhile Team Kanubah continues to call on its hundreds of Supporters to maintain a calm and civil posture as we continue to pursue the legal process to its logical conclusion.