Liberia: House Passes Resolution Mandating Pres. Weah to Secure More Loans


Monrovia – Members of the House of Representatives have signed and voted on a resolution mandating President George Weah to secure more loans for roads construction in the country.

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

The resolution comes just a week after the House speedily ratified controversial loan and financing agreements summing up to US$1 billion.


According to the lawmakers, the resolution was based on a unanimous petition from their constituents who requested them to ensure that government constructs roads on all critical corridors.

The resolution is being sponsored by Representatives Joseph Momo Matthews (CDC-District #3  Gbapolu County), Thomas Fallah (CDC-District #5 Montserrado County), Francis Saidy Dopoh  (UP-District #3 River Gee County), and Beyan Howard (UP-District #5 Lofa County).

“We the members of the House of Representatives and Senate do hereby authorize the President of the Republic of Liberia to employ all legal and legitimate means in securing loan financing agreements for the construction of paved roads leading to the 15 counties,” the resolution stated.

Roads to be impacted in the event where additional loans are secured, according to the lawmakers include, Sawmill (Gbapolu County) to Gbarma-Kongba-Vahu to Menekroma, Voijamia, Kolahun and Foya, Lofa County. Other areas include; Bopolu, (Gbarpolu County) to Belle to  the Mano River, Zwedru to Fish Town and Montserrado Soul Clinic, Johnsonville, Mont Barclay, Tyler Island 72nd connection.

Other corridors to be connected include, Todee to Bomi corridor, Neckley’s Town to Rehab, Pipeline to White Plains and Bong to Gbapolu, amongst others.

The resolution, a copy which is in the possession of this paper, showed that more than 41 members who were present in Tuesday’s session signed the resolution.

Article 34 (iii)of the 1986 Constitution states that, no loan shall be raised by the government on behalf of the Republic  or guarantees given for any Public institution or authority otherwise, then by, or under the authority of Legislature enactment.

In the lawmaker’s resolution they argued that the attainment of SDGs requires domestic resource mobilization, and it is raised by the Government on behalf of the republic or guarantees given for any Public institution or authority otherwise, then by, or under the authority of legislature enactments.

The Liberian Senate Monday, June 11, ratified the two financing agreements in concurrence with the House of Representatives. The agreements include Hummingbird Mineral Development Agreement and the US$420 million EBOMAF S.A Road Financing Agreement.

The EBOMAF financing agreements ratified during Monday special session brings to US$1 billion received as loan for road construction under the George Weah government. With just six months in office, this Liberian government has concluded three agreements, which the Senate ratified in a week.