Liberia: Former Deputy Minister Parick M’bayo Pledges Support to ANC’s Political Leader ahead of 2023


MONROVIA –– A stalwart of Unity Party (UP), Patrick M’bayo, says the standard bearer of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings, stands out among the array of those jostling to occupy the seat of the presidency in the October 2023 poll.

Taking to his Facebook Monday, he contended that Cummings is genuinely keen on addressing the multifaceted challenges besetting the country.

“I’m going all out to campaign for Mr. Alexander B. Cummings as my choice for the presidency of Liberia in October! He is the most viable candidate among the rest,” he posted.

M’bayo, who claimed there have been attempts to discard his long-standing membership with the UP because of his declaration of support for Cummings in the pending presidential election, said his status in any organization will ever supersede his obligation to his conscience and responsibility to Liberia.

“I will not go head-to-head with the UP and its support base amid the current rancor. No, I will not no matter the outburst from aggrieved persons therein. I’ll focus my energy on promoting my candidate and the policies he espouses for our country,” he added.

Describing Cummings as someone who wants to bring an end to bad governance, insecurity and poverty, he said the ANC standard bearer, who, although not perfect, comes close to these ideals.

Ahead of the October poll,  he said it behoves Liberians not to be swayed by primordial sentiments to elect for the presidential candidate of their choice.

He added: “My advice for Liberians as we approach the election  is to remember your choice. Remember who it is that has your interest at heart. Someone who has character.

“Someone who cares about creating a better life for you and your family. Someone who cares about every Liberian citizen and wants to create more jobs and tackle insecurity.

“Don’t be swayed by political jingles and adverts. This is your life. Make the right decision and support Cummings for the presidency.”

Predicting a possible run-off elections, M’bayo urged members of the opposition to disregard personal attacks and unite to take on the ruling establishment of President George Weah.

“We should therefore put ourselves in the moral position to effectively negotiate with all stakeholders in any possible run-off,” he added.