Liberia: Executive Mansion Urges Former Vice President Boakai to Return All Gifts Received from Pres. Weah, If…


Monrovia – The Executive Mansionsays it is expecting former Vice President Joseph Boakai to return all other gifts given him by President George Weah should he return money given to him by the President for medical assistance, something the former Vice President’s supporters have urged him to do.

“I hope when he’s coming, he will bring along the two cars, I hope he would include the ticket fair of him and two others that went with him. Before you go to do a medical out of the country, you don’t walk to go there,” Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby said.

“Those who are providing such guidance and thinking that they want to score political points are doing wrong. The former Vice President is a statesman and he needs to tell those who are raising fund what all he needs to return.”

The Executive Mansion statement comes in the wake of plans by some Liberians to return US$2,500 given to the former Vice President as a medical bill.

The group through a rally, led by popular talk-show host Henry Costa said they were irritated on “denigrating statement’ by President Weah that he paid the medical bill of Boakai, during a response to series of protests in Liberia. 

As a result of this, the group said they have raised the US$ 2,500 and intending to return President Weah’ money.

But Toby has argued that the entire medical bill of the former Vice President was not just US$2,500 as claimed by individuals who intend refunding President Weah’s gesture.

The action of these aggrieved individuals according to Toby, is intended to “tarnish the good image of President Weah.”

He noted that it was appalling to see the former vice president on social media, receiving an envelope of US$2,500.00, knowing fully that said amount could in no way cover his medical bill, air ticket and accommodation. 

“Somethings are better to be left unsaid and if you hull rope, rope will hull you. When people tend to be childish, then you respond the way you want to.”

“They should have asked Amb. Boakai who paid for his air ticket to go for his medical, is that included in the US$2,500? They should have asked about the two people that accompanied him, how did they travel? They should be equally asking the former vice president who’s riding two vehicles, each cost US$80,000, is that the package that he’s bringing back to President Weah?” Toby opined.

“I hope when he’s coming, he will bring along the two cars, I hope he would include the ticket fair of him and two others that went with him. Before you go to do a medical out of the country, you don’t walk to go there.”

– Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Smith Toby

The Deputy Presidential Press Secretary further stated that the gesture announced by President Weah on the radio is not an entitlement of former VP Boakai and that he must be highly appreciated for it. 

Midterm Elections Assurance 

In a separate development, Toby has assured citizens that the government will not allow Liberia to go into a constitutional crisis, as such, modalities are being worked out to ensure the holding of the 2020 midterm senatorial elections.

He said it was unfortunate that lawmakers will pass the National Budget without including money for the midterm elections, but are now shifting the blame on The Executive. 

“The President is aware of the midterm senatorial elections and will not allow us to go into a constitutional crisis. The same lawmakers are the ones that passed the budget and we have to source other funding to have the election,” he said.

Toby, however, noted that the Executive will work closely with technicians at the NEC to resolve any hitches for the smooth conduct of the midterm senatorial elections.

Concern on Coronavirus

At the same time, he said President Weah is serious about preventive measures on the coronavirus, cautioning people to abide by those procedures.

Toby said government is aware that the National Public Health Institute of Liberia has received it full package requested, but noting that there are plans being put in place to ensure that works out.

“The issue is not about the three million requested by health authority, but it’s about the procedure. You can spend three millions here and if people are not going by the procedures, the three million will save no life,”

“From the way we fight the Ebola Virus, I’m sure that we are prepared than any other county and Liberians are very caring and hardworking.”