Liberia: Emmanuel Nuquay Quits Unity Party

Mr. Emmanuel Nuquay served as vice standard-bearer to Mr. Joseph N. Boakai on the Unity Party ticket during the 2017 presidential elections

Congo Town – Days after his photograph was allegedly taken down and destroyed by Representative Ben Fofana (Margibi County, District No. 4), Mr. Emmanuel Nuquay, the former Vice Standard Bearer of the former ruling Unity Party, in the 2017 presidential elections, has tendered in his resignation from the party.

Mr. Nuquay sent in his resignation on Wednesday, following a closed-door meeting at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town.

Officials of the UP spotted by FrontPageAfrica included, its Standard Bearer Joseph N. Boakai, the Acting Chairman, Isaac Manneh, Secretary for Press, Mo Ali and Representative Fofana.

Speaking to FPA after closed-door meeting, Mr. Nuquay said: “I just sent in my resignation, because I’m  going back to the People Unification Party because many of my compatriots have called on me to return to the PUP, so that we can continue the institutional building process of the party. On Friday, we will commence the national convention of the PUP, so I have to go there as a member.”

The PUP was established in 2014, with its founders including Nuquay, Senator Henry Yallah and Sumo Kupee  after he was defeated in the UP primaries. The party won a single seat in the December 2014 Senatorial elections with Jim Tornonlah elected in Margibi County.

Following Mr. Nuquay’s  nomination by Boakai, in 2017, the party pledged its support to the former vice president but never officially merged with the former ruling party, maintains its independence as a political party with its support only targeted at electing VP Boakai to the Presidency.

Mr. Nuquay’s decision comes after his photo was allegedly pulled down from the walls of the conference room of the party on Wednesday.

Mr. Nuquay asserted that since he came to the UP from the PUP, Representative Fofana has created hate for him. “I was informed yesterday that Representative Fofana took down my photo and destroyed it, but I do not know why.  I have just concluded a meeting and they appealed to me, but I have to go,” Nuquay added.

Mr. Nuquay, who recently resigned his position as Director General of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) told reporters Wednesday that Rep. Fofana had admitted taking down his photograph. “So, I wanted to take my photo, but the leadership said it should leave here, but I don’t know why one man will create such a hate – even after the religious community in Margibi has resolved misunderstanding that existed between us.”

Mr. Robert Bestman, a steward of the party, confirmed that Representative Fofana carried out the act on allegation that Mr. Nuquay was no longer a member of the party. However, Bestman said Fofana later apologized and term his act as a mistake.

Mr. Mo Ali, Secretary for Press and Public Affairs told FPA that Mr. Nuquay’s resignation was done in good faith. He said the UP hopes to work with Nuquay in the future, because he continues to be an ally of the party. “We received his letter of resignation and the party has accepted his resignation in good faith. We wish him well in his future endeavor.”

Representative Fofana is yet to address the matter.

Mr. Nuquay, a former speaker of the House of Representative was recently petitioned by some residents in Margibi to contest the upcoming Senatorial elections.