Liberia: Dormeyan Agrees to Leaked Bong Supt. Tape of Alleged Overthrow of President Weah

Mr. Josephus Dormeyan said the small Chinese techno phones he uses doesn’t record and that he doesn’t have a microchip in it

Gbarnga, Bong County – Josephus Dormeyan, the man whose name is being mentioned repeatedly by Bong County’s Superintendent in the much-talked about leaked recording, has admitted to FrontPageAfrica that indeed there was a discussion of such but not necessarily between him and his boss, Superintendent Esther Walker.

Report by Selma Lomax, Selma.l[email protected]

Dormeyan, the Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Walker, said the conversation was done last week when Madam Walker returned from Monrovia, where she had gone to attend President George Weah’s deliverance of his second Annual Message.

According to him, he had gone to see his boss and upon entering her office, he met few gentlemen there whom he said work in Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor’s office.

“I went and met them already in their discussion in her office. I just stood there and listened to her,” he stated. He added, however, that at no time did he set out to go to her so that they could discuss such thing.

According to him, the conversation was between four persons, Jefferson Gbaryan, head of the County Service Center, Amos Barbu, office coordinator of Jewel Howard-Taylor, Victor Flomo, a supporter of Vice President Taylor and the Superintendent’s protocol officer.

Dormeyan said he is shocked at how the recording has gone viral. “When I listened to the recording I felt bad. But I swear to my children, I didn’t record my boss,” Dormeyan assured.

According to Dormeyan, he has launched his personal investigation to acertain, who illegally did the recording and how it got out. “I am on my way to those who were in the Superintendent’s office when the conversation was done,” Dormeyan said.

Dormeyan also told this newspaper that he uses a US$10 small Techno phone, which was made in China. He insists his phone doesn’t do recording. “All I can do with my phone is just recieved call and make my call,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, one of those who was present during the conversation, Gbaryan, said at no time did he record the Superintendent. He said mentioning his name “Jeff” in the recording was a way of claiming his attention. Superintendent Walker’s leaked recording in which he said that President Weah admitted that VP Taylor and Bong County Representative Marvin Cole want to assisnate him, has left citizens debating the issues in not only the county, but Liberia. It’s now the trending topic.

The Audio

The conversation in the audio is centered around the President’s displeasure with the bestowment of the nation’s highest traditional honor on Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor – a ceremony that led to the dismissal of the county’s Dakpanah (heads of chiefs in the country)

Chief Moses Suakollie, the Dakpanah, and Arthur Kulah, native superintendent in Bong County (head of chiefs in Bong County) lost their jobs, following a high-level traditional meeting headed by Assistant Minister of Culture at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Joseph B. Jangar, and Chief Zanzar Karwor, chair of the chiefs and elders of the National Traditional Council of Liberia in the county.

The leaked audio reveals that President Weah is taking the matter beyond the dismissal of the chiefs. Many heads are likely to roll, Supt. Walker insinuates in the leaked audio.

The Bong County Superintendent is heard explaining to her aides that she had attended a party organized by First Lady Clar Weah after President Weah delivered his second Annual Message. According to her, it was at the President’s Jamaica Resort, along the Roberts International Airport highway, at least three of Pres. Weah’s trusted lieutenants lashed at her concerning what had happened in her county few days earlier.