Liberia: Council of Patriots ‘Makes’ Financial Report to ‘Supporters’


Monrovia – It seems the Council of Patriots (COP) has heeded to calls from most of its detractors, to make full accountability of the funds they received to host the June 7 #SavetheState protest.

According to Mr. Henry Pedro Costa, the main brain behind the planning of the protest and one of two spokespersons for the COP, they raised the total amount of US$11,435 and L$111,950 from their supporters.

Costa disclosed that he was the biggest contributor to the fund in the amount of US$2,000; adding: “It is fair to put your money where your mouth is.”

Henry Pedro Costa said he made the largest donation to fund aimed at organizing the June 7 Save-the-State Protest

Giving the breakdown of how the funds were expended on his Costa Show on Roots FM, Friday, June 14, Costa stated that they spent the total amount of US$9,685 and L$75,000. The balanced money which their financial reports says is in their coffer is US$1,750 and L$36,950.

According to the financial report, copy of which is in possession of this newspaper, the area that received the biggest spending were Media & Publicity, US$2,500, Meetings and Communications, US$1,200 and Flatbed trucks rental, US$1,050.

The area that received the lowest spending is the Communication. It got just US$60. At least six categories on the financial report got money that fall between US$500 to US$550.

When Costa got off the air on Friday, he told this newspaper: “We believe in transparency and accountability and because of that we are publishing what we collected in donations and spent.” He then thanked all who donated to the cause.