Liberia: Collaborating Political Parties Announces Series of Protest against NEC Failure to Clean Voter Roll


MONROVIA – The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) says it would begin a series of protests beginning October 28 in reaction to the Supreme Court’s refusal to instruct the National Elections Commission to clean up the 2017 Voter Roll.

“This protest will continue until our demands which include but are not limited to cleaning the Voter Roll, Cancel and properly re-do the fraudulent voter roll update, and other issues of national concern, are addressed,” the CPP stated in a press statement.

According to the CPP, it is has begun engaging other political parties, pressure groups, civil society organizations, etc to join the CPP to protect our votes and fight for free, fair and transparent elections.

“We call on all Liberians, home and abroad to join this effort and mandate the government and its NEC to implement our demands in order to protect your votes and rescue the country from further decline.”