Liberia: CDC Chairman Frowns on Opposition Leaders’ Silence on Alleged Assassination Threat Against President Weah

Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mr. Mulbah Morlu

Monrovia – Mulbah Morlu, Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has frowned on leaders of opposition political parties for what he termed as their silence not condemning alleged calls for the assassination on the life of President George Weah.

Report by Henry karmo henry.karrmo [email protected]

Morlu blamed those who allegedly did the post(s) on social media, according to him, as opposition political parties’ supporters.

“It is unfortunate that no leader from the opposition bloc has condemned recent calls by known supporters of opposition political parties calling for the assassination of President George Weah on Social media.

“They have realized that you cannot win this man who has changed lives. Supporters of Alexander Cummings, Joseph Boakai and Charles Brumskine are on social media calling for the assignation of President Weah.

Alleged assassination message that CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu is holding as plot to kill the President of Liberia

“They have resulted to propaganda and scare tactics and they are now talking about assassination,” Morlue stated Wednesday, February 6, during a press conference at the CDC headquarters.

According to him, he captured screen shots of the alleged posts on his phone; adding: “It is not because anyone has done something wrong but because they hate this man so much.”

The message in the screen shot sent to FrontPageAfrica by Chairman Morlu was posted by one Political Spartacus. The poster writes: “I am calling on all Liberians to pick up arms and rise up against this CDC Government.”

Morlu further stated that gone are the days when Liberians were made to take up arms against their leaders because of few people’s egos.

He further accused opposition leaders of being unpatriotic. “I have not heard one statement of condemnation against people calling for war which means that they have endorsed these statements. We are here and here to stay.”

Like other times, he again reiterated that the President will go for two six-year terms. At the moment, the President has few more years to end his first term and a second six-year term is not binding to him by law.

Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon openly supports calls for killing Liberians

Deliberately Ignore Open Threats from His Supporters

Chairman Morlu, however, deliberately chose to ignore open threats from his supporters. He didn’t caution or condemn them, too, like he did to the other people he claimed are supporters of Cummings, Boakai and Brumskine.

Few days ago, a supporter of the ruling party posted the following message on Facebook: “With this dispensation and with this president, protest can’t work to see him out. Stop wasting your time. And any attempt from those evil guys to bring civil unrest on our people, even the chicken in their generation will not live to tell the story. We will execute all of them. We’re well prepared for that. Both in and out of Liberia, we will follow them and execute down to their chicken.”

Mr. Eugene Fahngon, Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs posted under the thread: “I said the same thing.”

Another poster went as far as telling talk show host Henry Costa, who has been using his platform to call for a protest, that he would be hunted and killed if he showed his face in Liberia.

One poster under the name Zedicus Zu’l Zarander wrote: “I challenge Costa to the last degree to come to Liberia to stage any protest. That will be the end of his life.”

Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon, administrator of the Darius Dillon Center for Intellectual Exchange, has a pinned post on Facebook in which he claimed that he, too, has been receiving threats of late over his critical views against the government.

Ironically, President Weah who has repeatedly assured Liberians that their rights and liberties will be respected has remained quiet amid numerous threats on social media from members of his administration.

Inherited A Damage Economy

The ruling party’s chairman, who admitted to the present economy situation being tough, blamed it on the immediate past regime of former Pres. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He, however, stated that Pres. Weah is cleaning the “mess of a damage economy inherited.”

“Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her cohorts are responsible for this devastated economy.

The CDC Chairman believes criticisms against Weah are not “substantial but personal hate against President George Weah. They hate this man.”

He warned his fellow partisans to unbefriend members of other parties; adding: “These people are not your friends; it’s not true. They don’t like you. They are the enemies of the poor people of this country.”

Media Partnership

In a conciliatory tone, Morlu called on all Liberians to rally around the President; adding: “He is the President of all Liberians.” He also called on the media to partner with the Weah Government.

He praised the President for doing everything to promote free press.

“We call upon the media to join us build Liberia. President Weah is your friend; we are not saying shield us for doing wrong. We want your reportage to reflect the good things done by this government.

“The Government wants to work with the media. We want you to work with government. Do not exploit personal political differences that would create stalemate to hurt national interest.”

He also used the occasion to apologize to the media. It is not clear why he apologized; he, however, said, “If I am the reasons why you are not writing objectively, I say in this public manner I am sorry.”